"weak Mexico government" is not the answer because the drug cartels rule Mexico in a typical Communist totalitarian way.

A strong government based on true Christian principles is the only thing that will save the USA. Only God can help us achieve that.


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Mexico Here We Come, Just Left The Consulate In Philly, We Got Approved For Our Temporary Residency
Jul 20, 2021
Silver Report Uncut
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In this video I will try to touch on our reason for moving to Mexico and our plans I have been keeping to myself for a while. Now that we are approved I can begin to share our journey. We just finished our appointment with the Mexican consulate and I'm very excited because we got approved for temporary residency in Mexico. I have only ever left the US once to go to Canada so this will be a brand new experience for us. Honestly I have had this on my mind for a long time due to the changing social fabric of the US. One of the biggest draws for me is the fact that you can be free and the government is weak. Growing up this used to be a concern for me now I have grown to appreciate weak governments.