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    Okay, so all the prepper videos I've listened to have always talked about water for prepping, but what does this mean? I have a couple of Berkey's so I can have clean water, but is that enough? Or am I supposed to store water too?

    I listen to this channel called Suspicious Observers and it's all about space weather and the 12,000 year catastrophe cycle. Anyway, maybe last month or so, he had a video "A Disaster is Coming" and it's all about the magnetic reversal (apparently, magnetic poles are on the move) and a strong possibility of a solar kill shot to take out the grid (I guess since earth's magnetosphere is weakening, then there is no protection from the sun)

    Anyway, in that Disaster video, he talks about what would happen if the grid goes down, and he said no electricity means no water (I totally don't understand how things like electricity and plumbing work), so does that mean we have to have store lots of water? Or are we supposed to get those barrels that you hook up outside to catch the rainwater?

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    Re: water

    Water is essential. If you don't have a river or pond or well with a hand pump, you will have to have some stored. Cornelius Kegs work very well and you can pressure close them with CO2. Your local brewing supply store should be able to fix you up for a reasonable price.
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