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Thread: Is this right or is this wrong ?

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    Is this right or is this wrong ?


    In all thy ways think on Him, and He will direct thy steps.

    Proverbs 3:5-6


    First published at 03:04 UTC on September 26th, 2021.

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    Jim Fetzer

    Jim Fetzer

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    Intense, impassioned statement from Professor of Ethics, Dr. Julia Ponesse of Huron College University of Western Ontario London, ON Canada - Dr. Julie Ponesse was dismissed for not submitting to genetic medical experimentation on September 7, 2021.

    Dr. Julie Ponesse Was Dismissed For Not Submitting To Genetic Medical Experimentation On September 7

    04:40 video runtime

    Dr. Julie Ponesse is made of the right stuff and she will survive because there are now many people praying for her.


    Dachsie Comment:

    One does not learn right from wrong from a PhD ethics professor. Character comes from parental values and behavior and a good early education and the grace of God. The Authority for what is right and what is wrong is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

    This tyrannical Marxist takeover of humanity will ultimately lose.


    I think there is value, at least in the USA for now, to insist that your employer hand you a dismissal letter stating the cause or reason for termination. Until you have that letter on paper with an original signature in your hand, your employer will just say you quit your job of your own volition, thereby exempting them from your receiving unemployment compensation. If you are dismissed in a legal way, it will show that you were dismissed for a reason that is not or was not in your agreement to originally work for that entity. There are agreements you signed, and possibly a contract agreement entered into, that legally prohibits the employer from changing the rules and the agreements without notice and not even legally acknowledging that they are doing so.

    Of course if you insist upon them handing you that letter, they may allow you to work a few days more and push you to quit in the many other ways they have. THEY DO NOT WANT TO FORMALLY TERMINATE YOU IN THE LEGALLY CORRECT WAY. The big corporate entities have that operation down to a fine science. If you are on the premises and any "official" of the employing entity touches your body in any way, consider filing a legal complaint against them. Try to have a friend witnessing nearby, preferably with a good phone camcorder. Do not go into a closed room without a witness and leave the door open no matter what. You are dealing with extremely unethical people, to put it nicely.

    (There is no general advice from USA attorneys on this matter.)

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    Re: Is this right or is this wrong ?

    Tenure is the Holy Grail of university professors.

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