Assuming Second Amendment issue is appropriate for this "firearms" sub-forum

Hopefully the U S Senate will end this Gun Grabber traitor "Red Flag" law proposal.

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First published at 00:21 UTC on September 27th, 2021.

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Liberum Arbitrium Nick Fuentes

Liberum Arbitrium

Nick Fuentes || Bipartisan anti-Gun Red Flag Law passes the House of Representatives

Three Spoons

Clip from "America First Ep. 884", which aired 24th of September 2021

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"Key to identify your fake -patriot congress members" in Current Events Forum showing names of all 135 Garbage Republicans.

11 Garbage Texas Traitors and their US congressional District Number.

Kevin Brady TX 8

John Carter TX 31

Dan Crenshaw TX 2

Jack Elizey TX 6

Pat Fallon TX 4

Tony Gonzales TX 23

Kay Granger TX 12

Ronny Jackson, M.D. TX 13

Michael McCaul TX 10

August Pfluger TX 11

Beth Van Duyne TX 24