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Thread: "Proof Texts" foundational to iprooving the falsity of False Flag events - USA

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    "Proof Texts" foundational to iprooving the falsity of False Flag events - USA

    Quick proofs of the basic lie strategies of the darkside operatives who inflict USA based False Flag events to manipulate the citizens and the country. These quick proofs blow the lid off of any arguments in support of the False Event being true. There are hundreds of anomalies that justify questioning the validity of events of the last thirty plus years on USA soil, but I will post in this thread only the basic foundational ones.

    "Proof Text" Number 1 :

    Go here..

    51:56 video runtime

    advance to about 16:01 to 22:01 on the video track
    subject M.D. crisis actor Leanna Wen - but wait, there's more...

    advance to 46:00 on this video track
    the driver in the False Flag event in Charlottesville, Virginia (August 12, 2017)
    photo of actual driver versus the "official narrative" driver.
    Also see striking photos of female crisis actor who played roles in two
    False Flag productions, Charlottesville, and Sandy Hook (December 14, 2012)

    Regarding the False Flag of the "Boston Bombing" event (April 15, 203).

    There were no "bombing victims."

    Need to Know News (1 October 2021) with Chris Weinert and Maryam Henein

    First published at 01:44 UTC on October 2nd, 2021.

    channel image

    Jim Fetzer

    Jim Fetzer

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    Biden fakes his booster shot, fakes directing OSHA to impose rules for companies with over 100 employees to have to take the vax and deploys an actor by the name of Leana Wen to oppose the rights of Americans to travel or even leave their homes if they are unvaxxed, when it turns out that she played the role of a doctor at the Boston bombing, where no body was actually harmed: they used amputee crisis actors and (even) a studio-quality smoke machine. An excellent summary of the Covid pandemic makes it abundantly clear that it's been a scam from the beginning and that there is no good reason to think people are dying from Covid--only that they are being rebranded as having died from Covid no matter what their actual cause of death. The Biden administration is fake from top to bottom and doing its best to destroy the United States economically, morally and (even) literally (by killing its citizens).

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    Re: "Proof Texts" foundational to iprooving the falsity of False Flag events - USA

    The U.S. refuses to recognize the Notarial acts of the states. All other events they orchestrate are irrelevant.

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