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Thread: Gavin Newsom Bells Palsy or Guillain Barre from Moderna Booster

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    Gavin Newsom Bells Palsy or Guillain Barre from Moderna Booster

    Gavin Newsom is out of sight likely because he has Bell's Palsy or GBS from his booster shot

    They say he has personal issues to attend to... like half his face is paralyzed. It's likely vaccine-induced Bell's Palsy or Guillain-Barre syndrome. That's why NO ONE is allowed to SEE him. Get it?

    It’s been rumored that Gavin Newsom is out of sight since getting his booster on Oct 27 because he developed Bell’s Palsy or Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). This normally would happen within hours after getting his booster so this make perfect sense.
    This also explains why nobody has seen him in public since then; anyone who saw him would instantly know.
    I checked into this and I’m over 90% sure that this is true (but I can’t tell you publicly about it without revealing my source) which prompted me to write this article.
    Am I 100% certain? No. This is just my personal educated hypothesis piecing together the information (both from public and private sources) that I’ve gathered.
    What’s your best guess?
    Look, it can’t be a family emergency… He could have just done a quick video on Twitter saying that. He’s completely off the grid.
    How I arrived at my hypothesis

    Here’s the background for my hypothesis:

    1. Twitter reports of facial paralysis: first thought is Bell’s Palsy
    2. Emails with my friends say it is GBS
    3. Neurologist says either can cause facial paralysis
    4. I had a “soft” confirmation from a friend who absolutely knows his confirmation. The friend acted in a way consistent with the hypothesis that he has GBS or Bell’s Palsy.
    5. I’ve heard from two lawyers, both of whom told me he has GBS. One lawyer talked to two different close friends of Gavin and got the exact same story: GBS.
    6. There is an article about it on the CHD website.

    Albert Benavides (aka WelcomeTheEagle88) recently did a VAERS analysis for me looking at symptoms which are elevated by the vaccine versus a 5-year baseline rate (VAERS reports from 2015-2019).
    Look at what popped up on #11 (the 11th highest elevated adverse event). You are 1,533 times more likely to get Bell’s Palsy after the COVID vaccines than any other vaccine.
    NOTE: This screen shot is the “tip of the iceberg” as far as serious adverse events caused by the COVID vaccines. The full list is over 5,000 elevated adverse events and I’ll be writing about this later today on substack (subscribe to be notified).

    Guillain-Barre after these vaccines is less likely than Bell’s Palsy by a factor of 4.5, so I’m guessing it is more likely Bell’s Palsy (but it could be GBS).
    Did the vaccine cause Bell’s Palsy (or GBS) for Newsom? He was perfectly fine before the shot and within hours after the shot he’s paralyzed. Could be bad luck. But come on.
    Why doesn’t he just admit the truth, that he got Bell’s Palsy (or GBS) from the vaccine? Well truth telling is not how it is done in politics. The reason he won’t tell the truth it:

    1. It would create vaccine hesitancy because it would be an admission that the vaccines aren’t safe like he claims
    2. It would make him look silly for mandating this very dangerous vaccines that are killing/disabling adults and kids in California.
    3. He doesn’t want to make the CDC look incompetent for never spotting the safety signal.

    Newsom is still mandating your kids get the vaccine. A number of them will suffer neurological damage just like he did as a result of his mandate.

    Bell’s and GBS are just two of over 5,000 adverse events that are elevated by these vaccine. More troubling is that the risk-benefit analysis for 5 to 11 I’ve seen shows we will kill 117 kids to maybe save 1 kid from COVID.
    Governor Newsom and the CDC don’t seem to care about that; there’s not even a CDC category for vaccine deaths.
    Over 120,000 Americans have suffered from Bell’s Palsy after vaccination (you take the incidence rate from the table and multiply by the minimum VAERS underreporting factor (URF) of 41 which is calculated here) and it could easily be over 250,000 cases.
    A neurologist I know has over 2,000 clients with vaccine injuries (out of 20,000 client base). The neurologist never had any events before now in his/her practice caused by the vaccine. This shows you it is the vaccine causing the events, not “over reporting” as is claimed by the FDA.
    When will it end?
    I hope soon. But nobody in America likes to admit they were wrong. Even after they’ve been injured.
    Joel Kallman, the creator of the V-safe application, died shortly after he was vaccinated. He never got a chance to tell people what he thought of the safety of the vaccine.
    Let’s hope that Newsom gets the chance to learn from this and change his thinking.
    P.S. If you think you know whether it is GBS or Bell’s Palsy, please comment below.

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    Re: Gavin Newsom Bells Palsy or Guillain Barre from Moderna Booster

    I have a hard time thinking that someone in the know would take any shot..
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    Re: Gavin Newsom Bells Palsy or Guillain Barre from Moderna Booster

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even that would not work if we were discussing Traitor Joe.

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    Re: Gavin Newsom Bells Palsy or Guillain Barre from Moderna Booster

    Quote Originally Posted by ImaCannin View Post
    I have a hard time thinking that someone in the know would take any shot..
    Yeah, most politicians have clearly been faking it or probably getting saline. But maybe there was a mistake.

    The scroll ticker at the bottom of Newsmax last night kept saying over and over that Newsom was at the Getty wedding, but when I saw photos, he was in the distance and had a mask on.

    Gavin Newsom Reappears, Claims He Skipped Climate Conference To Go "Trick-Or-Treating"

    Speculation had been raging as to why Newsom hadn’t appeared in the public eye for two weeks after receiving his COVID-19 booster shot.

    Journalist Steve Kirsch previously claimed that Newsom had been out of sight since October 27 because he had a bad reaction to the jab.
    “The explanation Gavin gave in the video (that he had a change of heart and wanted to spend Halloween with his kids) seems a bit odd since his press office said he was working in the Capitol,” writes Kirsch.
    “I have a good friend who is politically well connected who spoke with Newsom’s former staffers and they all thought it was a really weird explanation,” he added.
    Kirsch says he showed the before and after videos of Newsom to a neurologist, who claims the Governor is “100%” recovering from Bell’s palsy due to lingering “telltale” signs.

    “She had a dermatologist review as well who said the same thing,” claims Kirsch. “She said most people wouldn’t be able to tell, but this is her “bread and butter” so she knows exactly what to look for.”

    So maybe it was just Bell's Palsy--too bad he recovered. I'm sure the injection was supposed to be saline, but there was a mix-up or something.

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    Re: Gavin Newsom Bells Palsy or Guillain Barre from Moderna Booster

    Daily Mail is generally an 'authority accepted' news source. EXCLUSIVE: Gavin Newsom's DOUBLE JAB of Covid booster and flu shot made him sick enough to cancel Scotland trip and disappear from public view for nearly two weeks until he popped up at Ivy Getty's wedding on Saturday
    California governor Gavin Newsom had an adverse reaction to getting the Covid booster and a flu shot within days of each other, leaving him with muscle weakness and fatigue, claim sources in the family's inner circle.

    The governor was last seen in public on October 27, after receiving a COVID-19 booster shot in Oakland. He had gotten a flu shot on October 22.

    Newsom finally appeared in a photo attending Ivy Getty's star-studded wedding this past weekend after disappearing from the public eye for nearly two weeks...

    But now, a source close to the Newsom family tells he had a reaction to the shots that left him with muscle weakness and fatigue...

    On Monday Newsom's wife took to social media to defend her husband and call out 'haters without a life' who criticized Newsom's 12-day disappearance from public view in a since-deleted tweet.

    'It's funny how certain folks can't handle truth,' California First Lady Jennifer Siebel Newsom wrote.

    'When someone cancels something, maybe they're just in the office working; maybe in their free time they're at home with their family, at their kids' sports matches, or dining out with their wife. Please stop hating and get a life.'

    Siebel's tweet, first reported by The Sacramento Bee, was deleted shortly after she posted it on Sunday, and she has not tweeted ever since.
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    Re: Gavin Newsom Bells Palsy or Guillain Barre from Moderna Booster

    He (unfortunately) is fine. Hes back to making public appearances. Too high a profile for them to let him get sick.

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    Re: Gavin Newsom Bells Palsy or Guillain Barre from Moderna Booster


    Gavin Newsom is lying about his “vaccine” injury, and Steve Kirsch says he can prove it

    • Post author

    He’s a hypocrite. Not only did he lie about his vaccine injury, but his kids aren’t vaccinated either. He wants YOUR kids to be vaccinated. He won’t vaccinate his kids because he knows something…
    Steve KirschNov 15

    Recently, I wrote a very popular article recently about Gavin Newsom being vaccine injured. It got over 250K views, my most popular article so far.
    As expected, Newsom denied it:

    Naturally, PolitiFact and Newsweekimmediately “fact checked” my article and deemed it to be false. Of course, none of them could explain why Newsom was a no-show at the UN Climate summit via Zoom. Not even for 5 minutes! Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Not a very thorough fact check. And neither organization analyzed the before and after Newsom videos either by asking a prominent neurologist for their opinion. I guess it is hard to find competent help in the fact checking department nowadays.Well, I just got confirmation I was right.

    Not only was Newsom himself vaccine injured and deliberately covered it up, but I found out that his kids aren’t vaccinated either. Want to know why? Because he knows that vaccines are dangerous. He doesn’t want his kids to be injured. It’s OK for your kids of course! That’s why he’s mandating it for California. But for his kids? No way.

    Here’s how I am going to prove to the world I’m right:

    Gavin, I’m willing to bet you $1M that I’m right about you being vaccine injured and that you are lying about the injury and covering it up. We don’t have to drag your kids into it.

    Will you take my bet? All I need is permission from you authorizing all your doctors to disclose to me any and all vaccine-related conversations, emails, notes, and/or medical records you had with them after you got your booster and give permission for me to disclose that publicly. That’s it. Easy peasy.

    If you are telling the truth, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Your doctors will not be able to tell me anything since there is nothing to tell! There will be nothing to disclose. It will enhance your credibility and you’ll be $1M richer. No downsides.
    What do you say?
    I say, “Let’s go Gavin. By MCM
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    November 16, 2021

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