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I learned about clay from the lady on Joyce Riley’s show too. I heard her about a month before I found out I had leaky gut. So I immediately started the clay. The clay is loaded with natural minerals.

I agree, get a food allergy test.
The company is the best for testing.

Interesting that hair shedding could also be due to histamine--I didn't know that. No reaction to the Rosemary Essential Oil--I just put 5 drops in my shampoo.

I'm going to start doing intermittent fasting and see how that works out.

Too bad the blood type diet didn't work and messed you up. I'm really starting to think the Root Cause Protocol caused me problems, plus I was already starting from a place where my minerals were off, and I think his vitamin C was too low for me

I think Perry A was her name. I actually still have a couple of jars of that stuff, so I'll start doing it again.
Thanks for the link on food allergy testing.