Archbishop Lenga: “I encourage you to prepare catacomb chapels”

Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga of Kazakhstan, currently living in Poland and known alongside Archbishop Viganò as another fierce critic of Bergoglio, gave an interview on November 29 calling on the true Church to get ready to enter the to go to the catacombs. Msgr. Lenga attended an underground seminary in the Soviet Union and was secretly ordained as a priest. He served for 20 years as a bishop of a diocese covering an area of ​​4 million square kilometers. Already in 2015, he denounced the crisis in the Church in an open letter . In 2017 he published together with Mgr. Schneider and Msgr. Peta a “spiritual crusade”against the errors of Bergoglio. In 2020, he publicly accused Bergoglio of heresy, after which he was banned from celebrating Mass publicly and addressing the media. He then moved to Poland, to the Marian Monastery of Lichen, where he celebrates Mass exclusively in the Old Rite (Tridentine).

Interviewer: “In your latest book “Bergoglio's Sect”, your Excellency states that the time of the catacombs is already here. How should we form catacombs?”

mrs. lenga: “The full title of the book is: “Bergoglio's Sect. The need for a Catholic counter-revolution.” A very apt title. Archbishop Viganò also argues that the sect has taken over the Catholic Church and is leading it to destruction. And the liquidator of the Church is Bergoglio himself, who was either elected to carry out only the agenda of those who elected him, and who compel him to do so; or he is indeed one of them and willingly carries out this agenda. Because it is not possible for an 85 year old to ignore his own age, and not have the wisdom to know his own calling and whom to serve. At some point he will face his judgment day. And on such a day no pity is found in Christ; but rather: the one who was given more,he will receive a greater punishment if he was not true to his calling. When I call on Bergoglio to conversion in my statements, it is for the salvation of his soul. That's absolutely the only reason I'm doing this.

I finished my career in the Church. He will not promote me to a higher position, nor am I seeking to do so. I know what I am worth and I am completely satisfied with what I have, what was given to me in the Church. And with what I do, I know that I am going against the destructive tide in the Church.

But I don't worry about it, because of the faith in Christ that God has nown in my heart and the respect for the priests who went before us and to whom I repay the debt of their fidelity to Christ, who did everything to make in me the to sow the seed of faith in Christ, and not faith in trivial things preached by Bergogolio's sect in the Vatican.

We remember what it was like when Christ preached the Gospel, and of course the scribes and Pharisees, the Sanhedrin and the high priests would not accept His Teachings. His Teachings were not new. His teaching was the same as the prophets who preached to the chosen nation of Israel during the time of God's continued presence among them. Christ came to preach all this and to carry it out. What he preached, he did. But they didn't do what they preached. That is why Christ told his disciples to look at them, listen to them, but not follow their deeds, because they preached what was written in the Scriptures, but they did not act upon it.

Our Pharisees, the Sanhedrin, the chief priests and scribes of today, who I can say are not sufficiently versed in the Scriptures, do not teach Christ's true Doctrine, they betrayed Him a long time ago. They made the Church Protestant and they exchanged the Church for the UN agenda, and they preached a doctrine that has nothing to do with Christ anymore. For Christ is the same from the beginning, today, and for all eternity. And the UN was founded only a short time ago and in a few years it may no longer exist, or its structure may be completely different. Freemasonry exists today, but in 10 or 50 years it may no longer exist. And all this will melt like the snow that melts at the beginning of spring, and there will be nothing left of it,not even a small trace.

We remember the disciples fleeing persecution, and we remember what they said. When called to the Sanhedrin and persecuted, and told not to proclaim the message of Christ, they replied, "We should listen to God rather than man." And despite being scourged, they were not afraid to continue to preach Christ's Teachings. They were forbidden, but they were not killed. They were merely banned and threatened.

Today they also threaten the true disciples of Christ. They remove them from the Church, just as they removed Archbishop Viganò and other bishops who preach the true Christ. Just as I was expelled from the Church by Freemasonry in the Vatican just for preaching Christ, even there in Kazakhstan, when I was ignorant of all this, of what I know and proclaim today. Even then they treated me as a threat to them. They think they will get to Heaven by laying down in their seats, in their cozy spaces. For Heaven one has to work very hard.

Rise from that seat, as even your modernist Bergoglio tells you, and work hard for Christ and not against Him. Then you can achieve something in God's eyes, not here on earth, but surely in eternity.

This is why followers of Christ met in catacombs; they fled from place to place, and so faith in Christ spread. Today we have the same situation. Churches become places where the teachings of cults are proclaimed. In churches, Protestant pastors, Jewish rabbis, Islamic Mullahs and other faiths preach. They all come to the Catholic Church and preach the teachings of their sect. People come to church according to God's commandment to keep Sunday holy, and the church's commandment to participate in Mass on Sunday. What proclamation can the Catholic listen to on Sunday? If there is that evangelical talk, it has nothing to do with the Gospel, because the priest has modernized the teaching according to the current of the world, so as not to preach the Gospel,but who knows what? In this case, the Catholic is not obliged to listen to such a sermon,but rather to shut up his ears and not listen to it. If, instead of preaching about the Sacraments, about God's commandments, a priest preaches what is not in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, then, for me, the Church's commandment to attend Holy Mass obliges a Catholic not to attend such a Mass .The Church's injunction to attend Holy Mass does not oblige a Catholic to attend such a Mass.The Church's injunction to attend Holy Mass does not oblige a Catholic to attend such a Mass.The Church's injunction to attend Holy Mass does not oblige a Catholic to attend such a Mass.The Church's injunction to attend Holy Mass does not oblige a Catholic to attend such a Mass.

This is why the catacombs formed. Catacombs [churches] already exist here in Poland today, and I think maybe in the [rest of] the world too. There are wise people in other parts of the world, who remained faithful to the true faith, wise priests who return to the Mass of Ever; they gather faithful Catholics and hide in houses, private properties, centers in the mountains, in cellars. I myself have seen such chapels here in Poland, in various parts of Poland. Chapels with the Blessed Sacrament, with all Church books, books for Baptism, Marriage, for all Sacraments.There should also be the Catechism of EH Francis Spirago, the three volumes of the Catechism by Spirago of the year 1906; the Catechism by Gasparri, the Catechism by Pius X. This should be the Doctrine for a Catholic. And not just a Teaching, but life itself, living every day. There are tabernacles in those chapels, the Blessed Sacrament, and Holy Masses are celebrated there. The Blessed Sacrament is there for the time when we will not have It in the churches, when those modernist priests will lose the faith and will stop celebrating the true Holy Mass; and we can expect that sooner or later.

When the Blessed Sacrament is present in the Church with the real Presence of Christ, the Protestants, Jews, Muslims, cannot enter it. But when He's gone, they can easily enter, because it won't be a problem for them. So, when the Catholic Church relegates to the point of the Abomination of Desolation, then our Lord Jesus Christ will come and punish those responsible.

And those who flee and hide to remain true to Christ's true Teachings will have no option but to go into the catacombs; to go into the desert like the Woman [of Revelation], as the Blessed Virgin Mary fled into the desert to save the Child from the dragon that wants to devour Her Child. The dragon, the devil, who has the upper hand in this world, even gained power over the leaders of the Catholic Church. They surrendered to him, rolled up the flag and chose to serve him.

We as those faithful believers, who keep God's commandments, who seek to live according to Christ's Doctrine and his 8 Beatitudes, who seek to avoid sin and attachment to money or other sinful habits, and seek to work on ourselves to be pure virgins , surrendered to Christ, become saints as God asks of each of us,

I encourage you brothers and sisters to build such chapels . I encourage you to make his sacrifice. Wherever you can do it in Poland [and in any country]. Everywhere. In villages, towns, cities, in your private homes. Choose the most beautiful room to make an altar in it. Return to the Mass of Always, the Tridentine Mass, for the true Holy Mass was damaged after the Second Vatican Council. Return to the Sacraments according to the Tridentine Rite. Find such priests who can help you with that. And you help them, as Archbishop Viganò encourages, realizing that the best priests will be removed from their own dioceses by those bishops who have betrayed Christ.

They will remove the best so that they pose no threat to their “peaceful” life, where they are united in the struggle against Christ and against God in the Holy Trinity. Great judgment and great punishment await them for what they did. And we want to obey God.

When I was sent to Kazakhstan by the Soviet KGB, I could see every house in every village with a chapel. The best room was chosen for the chapel with altar; sacred effigies were hung, and Mass was easily celebrated there. People gathered there to pray. Why can't we do the same today? In particular, that today the wicked agenda of the world has united with the wicked agenda of Bergoglio's sect and all those who betrayed the Church, united against 'the rest of Israel', the 'rest' of the Church that is still faithful to Christ. That is why we must hide in those houses, and remain true to Christ's teaching.

Priests who celebrate the Mass on their own, make your own effort to remain faithful to the Teaching of Christ in its fullness. When I attended the underground seminary, I was taught by priests who were faithful to the tradition, I was schooled in the tradition. I did not study at the Brotherhood of Saint Pius X, I did not study at other brotherhoods. Those fraternities didn't exist when I was in seminary.

I call on those priests who were trained in the wake of the Church's destructive reset: if you want to get well, make an effort to study the Doctrine taught before the Second Vatican Council; the Doctrine based on centuries of tradition in the Church, so that your teachings do not create new sects where you preach and you do not form groups of people around you, for your own comfort, just to get food and donations. We do not leave the evil system to enter another evil system. We must remain vigilant, and united. And not united in a way to subordinate one to another … But united in spirit, in Christ's Doctrine, the Gospel, the Scriptures, and taking the example of the best Saints, who did all this at the price of their life, the price of their suffering, fasting,prayer and being excluded. Then we can be this margin that really shines the light from the top of the stand, and God will find each one of us. Today this is the straight and true way. Amen.

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Catholic catacombs now reality. How should we form them?
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Abp Jan Pawel Lenga
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