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Thread: From Man to Human to Transhuman --- Rebel Now

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    From Man to Human to Transhuman --- Rebel Now

    From Man to Human to Transhuman --- Rebel Now

    By Anna Von Reitz
    Your blood is being polluted. Literally. This is ancient advanced warfare being brought forward into the modern day. If you want to know more about it, read Isaiah and the Vedic Manuscripts that record the events of The Great Plasma War, when Lord Krishna successfully defended Earth from invasion.

    This is where the "bloodline elitism" comes from---- the "elites" polluted the blood, meaning the genetics, of their victims ---and have attempted to maintain their own bloodlines free and "pure" from this man made genetic pollution they engineered.

    They did this to ensure that they would have longer lives and greater intelligence and be able to maintain control over the rest of the population.

    Even the term "blue blood" is specific to this practice. It refers to the engineered change of the hemoglobin molecule to selectively accept the Iron Ion which gives blood its red color and which causes the oxidative stress that limits our lifetimes to around 100 years. There is a reason that Lord Krishna is always portrayed as blue-skinned.

    We originally had blue blood and this gave us a blue tinge to our skin. It also allowed us to live for hundreds of years, as the ionic composition of "blue blood" is relatively immune to the oxidative stress that kills those with iron-based red blood.

    This conversion from blue blood to red blood is recorded in the Bible, where God is vexed with Mankind's lack of improvement, despite all the years of life originally ordained for us; and shortened our life cycle. It doesn't tell us how this was done, but other records do.

    It was done by genetic engineering that altered the metal ions in hemoglobin and changed our blood color from blue to red.

    There is also a reason that the blood of those who received the jab cannot be mixed with the blood of those who didn't receive the jab. Don't believe it? Call your local blood bank.

    We are in the clutches of madmen, who have studied the ancient manuscripts of the Aryans (Orions) and who are continuing the practices of the Nazis, seeking to build first "Super Soldiers" and then, AI Interfaced "Transhumans" that they can control as slaves and gun fodder in wars for profit.

    There is no greater criminal in the history of the world than Bill Gates.

    If you disagree, watch this:

    And remember to regularly check my homebase: for news that is fit to print, but not being covered by the Mainstream Media.
    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were Germans. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to concentration camp kapos.

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    Re: From Man to Human to Transhuman --- Rebel Now

    It is the ACT of getting a vaccine the converts human to transhuman. The substance used is irrelevant. The BELIEF is what causes the ACT

    It was the ACT of being baptized that converted man to human.

    Blue bloods were mainly the rich. Rich people are foods off silver plates and used silverware. Silver in the blood results in blue blood and blue skin.

    Blue blood and blue skin is a sign of affluence. Affluence is a state of mind. Silver is thought to be an antibiotic. A silver dollar in a pail of milk might extend shelf life. A silver dollar in a well might kill germs. Doing these things is an ACT.

    Some ACTS are adjudged as political ACTS while others are apolitical. Other ACTS are adjudged religious as opposed to areligious ACTS.

    Anna has arguments that appear to appeal to the emotion.

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