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Thread: The Epoch Times ? ? ?

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    The Epoch Times ? ? ?

    The Epoch Times
    seems to put out great conservative news and commentary, but there are a few things that don't quite appear to go along with truth.

    They just moved Josh Phllips Crossroads show

    YouTube channel

    because of being demonetized and I guess censored.

    but now Crossroads just moved the show to another YouTube channel.

    Subscribe to Josh’s new channel HERE

    Crossroad Highlights

    Crossroads should have abandoned YouTube completely and chosen another video platform not controlled by BigTech.


    Another thing that seems to not make sense is that The Epsch Times seems to be associated with China's Falun Gong spiritual group.
    Crossroad seems very Christian, of the "rapture" - Protestant dispensational kind. Rick Wiles says Epoch Times is a "cult."

    I am beginning to wonder if The Epoch Times is not another false conservative entity.

    Still, their videos and reporting seems very high quality journalism to me and it is so refreshing compared to MSM news reporting.

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    Re: The Epoch Times ? ? ?

    I’ve known they were BS the first time I saw them advertised. Easy to tell, really.
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    Re: The Epoch Times ? ? ?

    Falun Gong controls/owns them.
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