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Thread: FDA Commissioner nominees and Mail-Order Abortion Pills

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    FDA Commissioner nominees and Mail-Order Abortion Pills

    Catholic — News Report — ‘Follow the Science!’

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    Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been without a Senate-approved commissioner for nearly a year. Biden's nominee is alienating to both progressives and conservatives. Church Militant's Nadia Hazimeh wades into the controversy surrounding today's committee vote.

    Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind.: "Under your leadership, in 2016, the FDA weakened the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy on protocols."

    Dr. Robert Califf, a former FDA commissioner, distanced himself from his 2016 decision to weaken protocols for reporting adverse effects of the chemical-abortion drug. Under Califf, only deaths resulting from the abortion drug were reported to the FDA. The organization notes only 20 women have died from the drug. Other data shows nearly 600 women have been hospitalized with life-threatening conditions. Additionally, over 2,000 events involving hemorrhaging or life-threatening bleeding (due to abnormal pregnancies) were recorded.

    Kristi Hamrick, chief media and policy strategist, Students for Life Action:

    So if you took those chemical-abortion pills, it won't end that pregnancy. You'll bleed because the pills will make you bleed. You might think, "Oh you're no longer pregnant." But that pregnancy will continue, and the reason why women die from ectopic pregnancy is, normally, the baby bursts out of the fallopian tube and the woman dies from internal bleeding.

    Pro-abortion Republicans-in-name-only, including senators Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, are expected to vote for Califf. This is offset by some Democrats, including Bernie Sanders, who are expected to oppose Biden's nominee because of concerns about the millions of dollars Califf has received from Big Pharma.

    The FDA last month made mail-order abortion drugs permanently available. The lack of medical oversight is expected to adversely impact thousands of lives.

    The Senate's Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions voted 13–8 in favor of Biden's nominee, who now faces a tougher challenge in the full Senate.

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    Re: FDA Commissioner nominees and Mail-Order Abortion Pills FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf says “regulation” is needed to target “misinformation”
    April 12, 2023
    In an interview with CNBC [April 6, 2023], FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf said that online misinformation was harming the life expectancy of people, there is a need for “better regulation” on how to handle health misinformation and that “specific authorities at FDA, FTC, and other areas are going to be needed.”

    “We know more and more about misinformation. It relates back to this life expectancy,” Califf said...

    “In the good old days, when I was a practicing cardiologist, for the most part, people developed products, they got through the FDA, the label determined what was talked about, the Internet didn’t exist, you advertised in medical meetings and journals. There was sort of a hierarchy of information that went through the prescriber or the implanter in the case of devices to the patient. Of course, the problem in that system is it left a lot of people out. We now know about that. Now, everyone’s included because everyone’s connected to the Internet...

    Califf noted that the FDA already has regulatory authority over advertisements content on tech platforms. But he feels the agency could do it better.

    “And there are so many avenues now by which that information goes around that we have to think hard about what the right regulation is,” he added.

    Using COVID-19 vaccination to explain his point, he said: “I’m highly aware that, in our society, people don’t want the government to have too much power, but I think specific authorities at FDA, FTC, other areas are going to be needed. I’m not saying what they are, because I don’t really know, but I do believe we’re going to need to, when we see people being harmed — like, let’s look at vaccination again, very few people are dying from COVID who are up to date on their vaccination. And if – beyond that, even if they get infected, almost no one is dying if they’ve been vaccinated up to date and they’ve gotten an antiviral that’s approved by or cleared by the FDA. So, why is this not happening? We need to work on this.”

    Reiterating that misinformation should be countered with truthful information, he said that those who are succumbing to COVID “are the people that are not up to date on their vaccination and don’t encounter clinicians who are up-to-date on the advantages of antivirals. Federal judge suspends FDA abortion pill approval, gives Biden administration time to appeal

    APR 7 2023
    A federal judge in Texas on Friday suspended the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the abortion pill mifepristone nationwide, but delayed the ruling from taking effect for a week to give the Biden administration time to appeal.

    But minutes after the Texas decision was announced, a federal judge in Washington state issued a preliminary injunction that said essentially the opposite.

    The seemingly conflicting federal court rulings out of Texas and Washington state means the Supreme Court may ultimately weigh in on the legality of mifepristone in the U.S., which was approved by the FDA more than two decades ago in 2000.

    Used in combination with another drug called misoprostol, mifepristone is the most common method to terminate a pregnancy in the U.S., accounting for about half of all abortions...

    A coalition of physicians opposed to abortion, called the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, sued the FDA in November over its approval of mifepristone. The group argued that the FDA abused its authority by approving mifepristone through an accelerated process for new drugs that help patients with serious or life-threatening illnesses more than what is otherwise available on the market.

    Kacsmaryk embraced the group’s claims Friday, arguing that pregnancy is not an illness and mifepristone does not provide a meaningful therapeutic benefit over surgical abortion...

    U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland said Kacsmaryk’s ruling in Texas “overturns the FDA’s expert judgment, rendered over two decades ago, that mifepristone is safe and effective.” Ending FDA’s ugly alliance with Big Abortion; Agency abandoned its responsibility to protect Americans' health and well-being
    April 12, 2023
    The lawsuit started in November when the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine challenged the FDA’s approval of the chemical abortion drug regimen of mifepristone and misoprostol. In the initial complaint, the alliance pointed out that the FDA didn’t do the required testing and ignored citizen petitions for more than 16 years, all while catering to abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood and abortion drug manufacturers. Then in January, Danco Laboratories, the secretive offshore operation that manufactures chemical abortion drugs, filed to intervene in the case on behalf of the FDA...

    So, the emergency room doctors, OB-GYNs and pediatricians who filed suit are up against two bureaucratic strongholds: a wealthy, secretive chemical abortion drug company and the federal government, which have, in this instance, joined forces in placing profits and politics ahead of protecting Americans from harmful drugs...

    Just as the FDA ignored the harms of opioids, it has refused to acknowledge the harms of chemical abortion drugs. Chemical abortions have a complication rate of four times that of surgical abortions. At least 20% of women who use chemical abortion drugs will have to seek medical help afterward. The adverse effects of the drugs range from hemorrhage to severe infection to the inability to have future successful pregnancies.

    With its initial approval of these drugs, the FDA ignored these adverse effects. It cut corners on testing and released the drugs for wide use, ignoring that the few studies it did consult incorporated commonsense protections for women who take the drugs, like requiring an ultrasound to determine gestational age and requiring multiple in-person appointments during the drug regimen.

    The FDA never required ultrasounds and has since ceased to require even a single in-person doctor visit...

    In response to this reasonable request from concerned citizens, the FDA did nothing. For 14 years, the agency ignored the citizen petition. Then in 2016, the FDA denied the petition, and on the very same day, it dropped some of the few safeguards in place on chemical abortion drugs — at the request of Danco Laboratories.

    In 2019, citizens gave the FDA another chance. AAPLOG submitted a second citizen petition, asking the agency to strengthen and restore the safeguards it had eliminated at the behest of Danco. Instead, the FDA approved a generic version of mifepristone for use one month later.

    In 2021, the FDA began allowing women to receive chemical abortion drugs by mail, eliminating the safeguard of in-person interaction with an abortion provider. The FDA based this change on a lack of reported adverse effects in the past few years — neglecting to mention that, in 2016, it had eliminated reporting requirements for nonfatal adverse effects.
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    Re: FDA Commissioner nominees and Mail-Order Abortion Pills

    I wrote off the FDA and the CDC and BigPharma a long time ago and I have always known that humans murdering their own babies is wrong.

    One bad thing I have heard about this murder method is that there are no clear instructions given to the pill taker to be very careful to not take the pill unless you know for sure how long the pregnancy has been. FDA says up to 10week is the cut-off date, the WHO says 12 weeks, and there are, in practice, many women who believe they can take that pill well beyond 12 weeks. It has become a matter of politics and democratic "consensus" as to the legal cut-off date but, in practice the woman has the pill in her possession and can do what she believes is best for herself. Many do not know the dangear of taking the pill beyond the deadline, one of which is an incomplete abortion where a piece of the baby is left inside the womb and sepsis sets in and the woman dies of that overwhelming infection.

    There is much misleading, outright lying, or lies of omission in communicating the danger involved regarding this pill.

    There is a strong Satanic drive in society to kill people in many different ways.

    Here is one article from a liberal publication. There are no decent M.D.s speaking up because most of them have gone along with the easy abortions program.


    The Abortion Pill Can Be Used Later Than the FDA Says

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