Real Deal Climate Change #7 (19 February 2022) with Joe Olson

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First published at 16:36 UTC on February 20th, 2022.

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Jim Fetzer

Jim Fetzer

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Hydrocarbons are naturally occurring compounds that exist throughout the Universe. Earth's original atmosphere was composed of Methane and ammonia, which existed for a billion years prior to the first single cell life form. On Earth, Hydrocarbons are produced from the 'elemental' daughter atoms from nuclear fission and the resulting heat energy. Earth's geology works like a giant refinery, producing a wide range of Hydrocarbons and Hydrogenated organic sediment layers producing coal.

Methane bubbles out of seafloor vents and is captured in ice crystal Clathrates on the seafloor and under Arctic tundra forming Hydrates. Atmospheric Methane is 1.7 PPM and can only capture radiant energy in two frequency bands, per Wien's Law at 3.3 microns (600°C) and 7.7 microns (104°C). Since these temperatures are not emitted by Earth's Outgoing Long-wave Radiation (OLR), Methane can only absorb incoming solar radiation, and per Stokes Shift in AGW-5 lecture, can only COOL Earth's climate.

The fossil fuel fable is combined with the Chicken Little CO2 falling sky myth and the Jack in the Beanstalk green energy fairy tale to create thermal energy slavery on our child like, dumbed down fellow Earthlings. More on Abiogenic Oil in our next lecture, students are directed to read these articles:

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