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Thread: Klaus Schwabb's Puppets - Naming Names

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    Re: Klaus Schwabb's Puppets - Naming Names

    The WEF are like the controlled opposition Democrats to George Bush Republicans. Oligarchs have two groups, the deepstate trying to usher in 1984 and the status quo controlled opposition oligarchs - Democrats and WEF. Both sides are in on it. The keep the status quo Democrats neo-libs push the resistance to support 1984 with support of LGBTQ. And the conservative deepstate implement 1984.

    The faction ushering 1984 are the Russia Republicans faction, the cia Putin faction, the Likud Netanyahu faction and the British "Royal" Tory faction. Kike-burner Le Pen is the French faction along with kike Zemmour trying to destroy the old cold war relics (WEF) and usher in 1984.

    If Bill Clinton was president, election over and over by voters, there would be no 1984. If Bush or Trump election year after year by voter fraud in Ohio/elsewhere and courts deciding florida to stop recounting, there would be 1984 soon.

    Democratic voters stop 1984 when they promote the WEF/neo-liberal agenda.

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    Re: Klaus Schwabb's Puppets - Naming Names

    Colossal Financial Pyramid: BlackRock and The WEF Great Reset

    A virtually unregulated investment firm today exercises more political and financial influence than the Federal Reserve and most governments on this planet.

    F. William Engdahl

    Global Research

    The firm, BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager, invests a staggering $9 trillion in client funds worldwide, a sum more than double the annual GDP of the Federal Republic of Germany. This colossus sits atop the pyramid of world corporate ownership, including in China most recently. Since 1988 the company has put itself in a position to de facto control the Federal Reserve, most Wall Street mega-banks, including Goldman Sachs, the Davos World Economic Forum Great Reset, the Biden Administration and, if left unchecked, the economic future of our world. BlackRock is the epitome of what Mussolini called Corporatism, where an unelected corporate elite dictates top down to the population.

    Continued at link
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