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Thread: Costco Runs Out Of Emergency Food Kits

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    Costco Runs Out Of Emergency Food Kits

    If there becomes a real panic, watch how quick grocery store get cleaned out.

    Costco Runs Out Of Emergency Food Kits
    MONDAY, MAR 14, 2022 - 11:20 PM

    Headlines like, "WWIII has likely started already, but we have been slow to recognize it," from Bill Ackman, and corporate media pushing nuclear war hype and hysteria had sparked unease among American households who hadn't felt this way since the early days of the virus pandemic when they were caught empty-handed with limited supplies to weather COVID lockdowns.

    Americans, many of whom have been transformed into preppers in a post-COVID era, are at it again, panic hoarding supplies as they fear Russia's invasion of Ukraine could be the catalyst for the next world war (well, at least they think this way because corporate media is telling them). What's evident so far is that Russia's ongoing conflict within Ukraine is disrupting global supply chains and food supplies. People see the writing on the wall as prices soar at gas stations and supermarkets. The conflict overseas is already sending commodity prices sky-high, which may eventually spark shortages.

    So as Americans unleash their inner prepper. They're panic hoarding ReadyWise emergency food kits sold at Costco Wholesale Corporation's brick and mortar stores and or online that at least one variety of the products has already been sold out.

    ReadyWise's 5,400 serving count of emergency food pallet is "out of stock," according to Costco's website. The emergency food kit comes in 36 stackable 5.3-gallon buckets of food that last up to 25-years.

    A customer on the Costco website reviewed the product in early March, days after the invasion of Ukraine, and said, "It never hurts to be prepared. Nice variety of foods, it's easy to store and the shelf life is unbeatable. And it doesn't taste bad at all.'

    "Be prepared. Spend the money," another customer wrote.

    Since the invasion, search interest for ReadyWise has rocketed above COVID highs.

    Besides food, Americans are frantically searching where to buy potassium iodide in case of nuclear war.

    While food and medicine are essential, panic hoarding ammunition is already underway.

    It never hurts to prepare, considering the fog of war in eastern Europe remains intact, and an end to the conflict is still unknown.


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    Re: Costco Runs Out Of Emergency Food Kits

    Grocery store lack of stock is a concern.

    A 5400 serving "kit" is something the people who listen to Beck and think israel is our "best" ally buy.
    They probably don't make too many of those.

    I tend to doubt many at GSUS would buy such a kit.

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    Re: Costco Runs Out Of Emergency Food Kits

    The local Costco has buckets of emergency food still. What they didn’t have was regular food stacked above the eye level shelves. It was full of Diapers, patio furniture and couches.

    The new Costco flyer came out yesterday and they had freeze dried chicken and beef , 12 cans for 449.00 ( I think)
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