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Thread: Rob Kirby died April 3, 2022

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    Rob Kirby died April 3, 2022

    Gold expert ad overall finance / economy expert.

    Kirby Analytics

    He was a Canadian.

    His work enhanced every person's freedom and liberty.

    Dave Janda video tribute...

    Greg Hunter tribute
    last 5 nubytes if weejkt wrao-up embedded video that is also on Rumble

    One final thought about Rob Kirby:

    Our friend and Brother Rob Kirby passed away Sunday April 3, 2022. Rob was a good man. He cared about people, and he was righteous about it. Rob was a regular on He had deep experience in finance, derivatives (at global bank in Toronto in the 1980’s and 1990’s) and precious metals. He had a successful newsletter called Rob was the only person I know that talked extensively about the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) in the USA. Rob long contended that the ESF was key in propping up the U.S. dollar and the U.S. Treasury market. In short, the ESF was the facilitator of the financial fraud and Ponzi scheme we are living in right now. Rob did many fantastic interviews for, but I think his last was his very best. The day I did this interview, my wife asked me, “How did it go?” I told her, “It was fantastic! I mean Hall of Fame stuff.” I think I have the last video interview of Rob Kirby. We did it this past February 2022. Please click here to see Rob Kirby’s Hall of Fame final interview.

    Dachsie Comment:

    (Could not post Rob Kirby photo in this part of the forum.

    It sounded like in his last days he experienced multiple organ failure, and from what Dr,. Dave Janda said, he died of a "brain issue" which I do not know but think that description implies cancer.

    Greg Hunter said he died of severe lung infection.

    I do not know if Rob Kirby got "the vaccine" but from what I have read, it sounds like his last days illness is the description of severe sudden illness of some of the "vaccinated."

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