This was an organized, seeming objective, study of the genealogy or family tree of Jesus.

There are two genalogies, in Mathew and in Luke, given in the New Testament. There is disagreement among biblical scholars as to whether one of them, usually Luke passage, is actually the genalogy or bloo line of Mary, the physical mother of Jesus.
The person narrating this video and who prepared the presentation says he is not a Christian. He appears to just "assume" both New Testament accounts are the genealogy of Joseph, who was the legal, in Jewish law, but not physical father of Jesus, that is he was the foster father of Jesus.

Dr. Robert Sungenis, Dr. John Bergsma, and a deceased protestant bible commentator out of Idaho, are three people who believe genalogy in Luke is Mary's ancestral line, not Joseph's.

To me it is important to understand that Jesus is the physical bloodline of King David and is the prophesied Messiah. It seems that that important genealogy would be in the New Testament. The genealogy of Joseph is not relevant to Jesus being the prophesied Messiah, and some writers even say the "fact" that genalogy given in Luke is that of Josephy "proves" Jesus is not the Messiah.

Some day I may be able to study this more, but it is important and interesting.


24:50 video runtime

Genealogy of Jesus


Dec 25, 2020


Biblical Family Tree Poster:


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Episode 2: Adam to David

Episode 3:- Kings of Israel & Judah

Episode 4: Maccabees & Herod

Episode 5: Genealogy of Jesus

Episode 6: Responding to Comments


Chart & Narration: Matt Baker

Animation: Syawish Rehman

Audio Editing: Jack Rackam