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Thread: Kelenskyy so hard up for cannon fodder that...

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    Kelenskyy so hard up for cannon fodder that...

    ...they're wiling to suck up to faggots -
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    Re: Kelenskyy so hard up for cannon fodder that...

    To be fair this should not be much of a surprise. War with Russia is not their main product line.

    And not even all Israeli citizens can escape! Video Of Israeli-Ukrainian Captured By Pro-Russian Forces Circulates On Social Media
    JUL 02, 2022
    Video is circulating on social media of a Ukrainian-Israeli man who’s been captured by pro-Russian separatists. In the video, 40-year-old Vladimir Kozlovsky tells a bleak story of his brief service with the Ukrainian military.

    “When the war started, my wife and I wanted to leave the country,” says Kozlovsky, according to a translation of the video by Israeli news site ynet. “I am also a citizen of Israel…Before the border, in Uzhgorod, I met with the Israeli consulate, they gave me a special certificate so I could leave the country—but I was stopped at the border. The border guards detained me and did not let me out.”

    Uzhgorod is in westernmost Ukraine, on the Slovakian border. While Kozlovsky’s wife and child were allowed to proceed, Ukraine bars men age 18-60 from leaving the country so they can be available for conscription into the war against Russia...

    Kozlovsky said Ukrainian military commanders encouraged the hapless conscripts to fight to the death. “We’ve received messages from the Russians saying we’ll be better off if we surrendered. The soldiers also discussed this before, but commanders tried to prevent these talks. They told us that if we surrendered, the Russians would torture us to death, so it is better not to be taken alive.”
    Will all the Ukrainian women and children extirpated from Ukraine into western Europe balance out the fighting age Middle Eastern males imported into western Europe this last decade?
    They went to war with Human Nature, Cold and Flu Season and the Weather!
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    Their men were like women and their women were like Jews

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