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Thread: FBI Raided Trump

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    Re: FBI Raided Trump

    Sundance from Conservativetreehouse on DeSantis not being managed by the establishment:

    Somewhat, yet no. What I am pointing out is an inflection point. DeSantis is being managed now. He's shifted into the Pence, Jeb, Haley, professional wing of the club. Things change. He's accepting GOPe grooming. Risks are distanced (Pushaw departs). It's a mgmt/branding effort

    I've been watching it evolve all year. When the Trump raid happened, it was a very key moment. DeSantis went silent upon instruction from the handlers.

    Everything now is about club branding and club management. That's why I knew days ago that Pushaw would depart.

    I don't take such a severe position, as I did on Monday, without overlaying all of the data-points I have assembled. I know it sometimes shocks people, they get mad at me, but as you wait you see it unfold. This is how the club operates.
    It's not DeSantis fault per se'. He doesn't have many options. He holds no independent wealth to keep the club away from influence.

    Now he will begin a national tour. A book (written for him) is looming. The pattern never changes.

    The "professionals" will now enter the picture. The orbit of DeSantis will be controlled. Representatives will come from the professional political class. Speeches and remarks will be filtered and approved. Risks will be mitigated. Control mechanisms in place.
    At first, whenever he reemerges, you will notice an subtle awkwardness... a slight change in the authenticity you used to love. A more careful and deliberate speech pattern. Longer thoughts before responses. More appearances on Fox News.

    Brett Baier et al, w/ the assist.

    Norman Rockwell (optics), Ward Cleaver (tones), soft hues and gentlemanly pastels.

    Club branding is subtle on the image front, but very clear on the substantive messaging side. Social issues selected to maximize camp coalition, and influence base.

    Consistently present political messaging where people can say "yes." Keep the "yes" messaging at the forefront (social emphasis). Focus on values.

    Multinational & corporate economics, hard lines, foreign policy, all these things avoided. Stay social. Build emotional connection.

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    Re: FBI Raided Trump

    The FBI’s illegal campaign to forever silence the message of dissident Eustace Mullins (targeted for writing Secrets of the Federal Reserve)

    This is a highly provocative and revealing expose by Eustace Mullins of the decades-long campaign by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI to destroy Mullins, even to the point of conspiring to have him incarcerated in an insane asylum as they did his mentor, famed American poet Ezra Pound.


    Most Americans, who have not been the victims of such overt hate campaigns as have been waged against me for more than thirty years, refuse to believe that we are governed by criminals. I refer you to the opinion of one of the most famous FBI agents, Charlie Winstead, the man who gunned down John Dillinger. In his book, "The Bureau", William C. Sullivan quotes Charlie Winstead as saying, (P.27),
    "When I investigate a man and prove he's a criminal, if he doesn't already work for the government, they'll hire him. If he already has a government job, once they hear he's a crook they'll promote him. The criminals in Congress only feel comfortable with other criminals."

    We could not ask for a more qualified source, nor for a more apropos phrase than "the criminals in Congress." The criminals enact into law program after program to reward their fellow-criminals, and to rob and enslave the workers of America. Anyone who gets in their way is disposed of by the "majesty of the law." I would have been condemned to spend the rest of my life in an insane asylum by due process of law. All the legal niceties would have been observed.

    Found this comment over at Zerohedge- Victor David Hansen "FBI, RIP?":

    "The FBI is dissolving before our eyes into a rogue security service"

    If one only evaluates the post 9/11 epoch of these scumbags, here's the context:
    Fordham Law's findings

    In this course of its investigation, researchers at Fordham discovered that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 138 terrorist incidents recorded in the USA between 2001-2012 involved FBI informants who played leading roles in planning out, supplying weapons, instructions and even recruiting Islamic terrorists to carry out terrorist acts on U.S. soil.

    Keep in mind that the Whitmer bullshit wasn't included, as it was post the 2012 end of their study.

    I don't have time right now, but IIRC almost all of the school shootings involved a perpetrator at least known to the FBI
    The entire DOJ should be shitcanned and under Grand Jury Investigations, it's a literal WMD against American Citizens

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    Re: FBI Raided Trump

    The Constitution gives the Second Amendment Militia of the several States, not the FBI, DEA, BATF, etc. the power to execute the Laws of the Union. What we are currently experiencing should be sufficient to encourage, at least, the more conservative of the States to revitalize their State Militia
    The only thing declared necessary in the Constitution & Bill of Rights is the #2A Militia of the several States.
    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a freeState”

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    Re: FBI Raided Trump Trump, not Merrick Garland, is playing a dangerous game with the FBI raid Why Did Merrick Garland Lie About Targeting Parents as Domestic Terrorists?
    November 17, 2021
    We already know that Attorney General Merrick Garland was not forthcoming about the amount of collaboration that took place between the National School Board Association (NSBA) and the Biden administration with regard to the now-infamous letter that labeled concerned parents as “domestic terrorists.” Despite what Garland said before a Senate hearing back in late October, there was much more going on behind the scenes than the public was aware of.

    Now, through a whistleblower within the FBI, we’re learning that not only was the Justice Department coordinating on the matter, it was also helping field agents determine ways that parents could be categorized with a “threat tag” for anything that provided an avenue to bring in possible federal charges. This goes far beyond any kind of specific threats against a school board, something that local law enforcement would ordinarily and necessarily handle, this speaks to questions like whether the FBI was watching as parents organized using a Facebook group or created a mailing list.

    The question now is whether Garland will be held accountable for his contradictory statements on the matter when the FBI Counterterrorism unit was working since early October, weeks before Garland’s testimony, to target parents using anti-terrorism laws
    Merrick Garland (Garfinkle) is the sort of authority that would tag the parent in this video a domestic terrorist.

    Mother Sheep Scares Off Wolf!

    They went to war with Human Nature, Cold and Flu Season and the Weather!
    Corporation, a fiction legitimized by government, is part of big government
    Their men were like women and their women were like Jews

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