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Thread: Who sabotaged Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2?

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    Re: Who sabotaged Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2?

    Quote Originally Posted by monty View Post
    My guess is that Biden Admin. blew up the pipelines so Russia can’t sell their gas to the Europeans.
    and (who) runs the biden admin? a quick peek at the cabinet answers that

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    Re: Who sabotaged Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2?

    Biden and Democrats are tasked with pissing off the public to funnel them to cia Likud Republican Party, via scare tactics of CRT, LGBTQ, reparations, free stuff for negros and other things that outrage voters. Biden and Dems are not tasked with destroying neo-lib, Rothschild WEF Europe and the destruction of the German economy and society.

    That task is Trump, Putin, cia, mi6.

    “We are (for the) first time in the history in a situation where the President of the United States (Trump) and (the) President of Russia seem to share the same view on Europe: the weaker, the better, because they think that it’s better for their own country, which is obviously not right,” Katainen, who is also the former prime minister of Finland said.

    Trump named Europe first as rival of the USA.

    The usual suspects use the same playbook. Fooled the masses with Putin, making Putin to be the controlled opposition "resistance". Same playbook was used with Trump to make Trump the controlled opposition "resistance".

    Hitler was 1/4 Jewish tasked to destroy Germany and Continental Europe

    Putin is 1/4 Jewish tasked to destroy Germany and Continental Europe

    Same playbook. So you probably had some Israel art students, yet 1/4 Jewish Putin "pulled it", as the WTC building 7 was pulled.

    Statism of 1984 is not letting out the prisons, and having freedom and free stuff. 1984 is free stuff for the rich and high prices for the poor. It is a military popo state. It is war on drugs, not legalization of cannabis. It is pre-crime of Barr and Trump. It is "Law" and "Order", the fed sponsored riots are there to have you demand martial law. It is about FEMA camp. Not transgendered camps. The entire Democratic platform is to be the "horror" that makes you demand 1984 from Washington. 1984 is a digital currency of bitcoin, not gold and silver. Playbook of cia: Have Dems have chaos and crazy ideas, then have the Republicans be the solution with 1984 to make you safe with Big Government. Muslim terrorists used to be the scare tactics to drive you to vote for Republican cia deepstate agenda. Antifa was the scare tactic from 2017-2020. The feds were behind much of the antifa instigation. Feds dial a false flag. Scare the public, vote for 1984 cia agenda, which is the statism of the Republicans.

    Rothschild WEF neo-lib Europe is so hated by bankers that Rothschild and WEF approved the destruction of the successful EU. The bankers do not want influence over Europe, the bankers want war to destroy Europe.

    Europe was paradise of bankers and some influence in Europe is not enough. The cia, mi6 and other criminals control UK and US more than Europe. I read health books and the Europeans are using the EU to ban toxic pesticides that cause cancer and other problems. Make up for women is safe in Europe, while the US has banned substances in their make up, banned in Europe from the EU. Oreos in Europe have no chemicals and toxic food color. Europe is more safe in terms of food and products. However in terms of vaccines, Europeans are told to trust the "scientific" research by US and UK pharmaceuticals. When the data is lies. Though Russia has a Sputnik vaccines using the same technology as AstraZeneca, a transhumanist vaccine pushed by Putin, without being a clot shot. It has the other side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine using the same transhumanist technology, though the AstraZeneca vaccine was made to be a clot shot deliberately. The bankers crashed Europe as Europe was going green. Bankers don't want green, they want to use the green movement to destroy Europe, not an achievable green Europe that is successful and full of rich whites, free from money going to the Saudis. Bankers hate self-sufficiency. That is not wanted by bankers. Bankers and I hope that you already are aware that Gates and Trump are different brands of the cia and mi6 agenda. To control both sides. Self-sufficiency in nations and communities and individuals is never wanted. Bankers want slaves. The Putin banker war is planned to destroy Europe.

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