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Thread: Non-Partisan Money For Pangea

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    Non-Partisan Money For Pangea

    Start with a premise: You have a dime.

    Now a system: Everyone on the continent of Pangea is assigned a GoFundMe account to which they deposit one dime.
    For simplicity we shall assume 100 million such accounts are created.

    At the speed of computers at the same precise instant your account credits the other 99,999,999 accounts with one dime (debiting your account) while they do the same to your account (crediting your account). This operation occurs once daily.

    Obviously at any given snapshot in time using this system your account will have $9,999,999.90 in debits and $10,000,000 in credits. You are solvent by dime. One other little detail. You credits are added up real-time as they arrive. Your debits on the other hand are compiled monthly (or even not at all).

    Now simply forget the debits and with this simple system you and everyone else on Pangea is a multi-millionaire. And all you funded it with was a. s I n g l e d I m e.

    And there in a nutshell is the basic illusion of money. Spend your estate wisely because your heirs might actually believe they are going to inherit it.

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