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Thread: Jew Putin wears a Kabbalistic Talisman.

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    Re: Jew Putin wears a Kabbalistic Talisman.

    I believe most people here actually understand the concept of turdsandwich left vs turdsandwich right and controlled opposition. WEF trained all major power leaders that weren’t CIA assets. I doubt you could reach congress or senate nowadays without being an intelligence asset. Some are just tasked with telling the truth, not the whole truth obviously…
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    Re: Jew Putin wears a Kabbalistic Talisman.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neuro View Post
    Some are just tasked with telling the truth, not the whole truth obviously…

    Limited hangout. Cucker Tarlson from Fox will expose many conspiracies, especially old ones that everyone knows, like the Kenedy assassinations but completely deny the real deal on 9/11. Alex Jones never uttered the 'J' word. It is always useful for them to gain trust by telling some truth. Of course the most effective lies are products of telling the truth in a devious way. As we here all know, omitting parts of the truth tells a lie.

    I've been looking for a drawing that has a small picture showing a man being stabbed but when it zooms out to the larger picture, the attacker is actually fleeing from the other guy who is the real attacker. Can't find it anywhere but it is a perfect illustration of the technique of lying with the truth.
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    Re: Jew Putin wears a Kabbalistic Talisman.

    The cia Zionist Sean hannity opposes wef. cia tucker Carlson opposes the wef, the cia Zionist fox news opposes the wef, the cia Zionist neocon ny post opposes the wef, the cia Zionist washington times opposes the wef, the cia Zionist republican senators oppose wef. Wef is a scapegoat. The deepstate went from "goyim fear scary Osama to scary wef". Osama was a CIA asset. Wef is run by kikes to be scapegoat of deepstate, so the Jews can push their agenda and have shills blame scapegoats and have your attention not with the real deepstate.

    If the 2000 election were held for the first time in 2024. You would have cia Republican deepstate shills saying climate change wef al gore is the deepstate. And the deepstate wants you to vote for al gore. And you have to vote bush to defeat the wef "deepstate". This is how far the anti-wef shills have taken the masses.

    For instance shills for 3 years blamed fauci, when fauci was designed to be blamed, so fauci bosses Kissinger, Rockefeller, Bushes, and Trump were not blamed. Deepstater musk wants you to demand fauci be prosecuted to be the one scapegoat. Fauci is aware of this role given to fauci.

    Those that say the cia changed with trump have been fooled. The cia was neocon. Wanted to destroy Iran. The bush family control the cia and before 9/11 tried to start conflict with china. Destroying the fattened Hansel and Gretel china was a mission for over 20 years. However, china saved itself by making deals with Washington to not oppose the war of terror. After unable to start a war with Iran with McCain and Romney. The cia went with deepstater trump to take out china and the German led EU. The cia and Jews/freemasons planned since 2005 to release biological weapons on china to blame and start a war. The cia did the outbreak and vaccine with trump as president of this cia policy.

    This explains operation warp speed. And then the scapegoats were china and Democrats. So far that failed. None of the anti-wef shills say this. And it is ok to hate the chinks because it is Beijing policy for chinks to jag off to images of dead Caucasians in Ukraine. Chinks are going along with kike Putin war to destroy Germany's Europe.

    WEF has interlaced with German success. So anti-wef shills try to get you to hate German success and richness of white Germans as you say down with the wef. This is a kike plan. Get you to hate your own. That is the main objective of the anti-wef shills to get you to take down Europe and European leaders not going along with the cia deepstate plan.

    Wef turns from controlled opposition and scapegoat to deepstate when the wef supports trump, Putin, musk and Bitcoin.

    (When the wef goes deepstate, that is probably when enemies of the deepstate disappear without media coverage. That is when the west turns into Russia. Political opponents of the cia and Jews are killed. Journalists exposing the deepstate are killed.)

    Wef Jews, gates and fauci are in on it with trump, Putin, bitcoin - the deepstate

    Jewish religious duty to oppose George Soros

    The Soros agenda is not the deepstate agenda. It is there to herd you to support the Washington statist big brother 1984 agenda.

    Scapegoating Soros is your Jewish religious duty

    Scapegoating gates is your Jewish religious duty

    Scapegoating fauci is your Jewish religious duty

    Scapegoating Democrats is your Jewish religious duty.

    By blaming the scapegoats of the Jews, you join the learned elders of Zion faction. This is the reason for thousands of anti-wef shills. You are being prepared to accept 1984 and the mark of the beast.

    Only gold and silver, God's divine money can stop this. Because Bitcoin is the linchpin connecting these together. The deepstate cannot have a successful 1984 without Bitcoin. when the dollar collapses, it would be a 6 millionth holocaust of the Jews/cia to go with gold and silver. The entire Washington deepstate, federal reserve and Wall Street operate to keep down gold and silver. While Bitcoin goes up a ~million times its starting price. 50 years of Washington's main reason for existence was the suppression of gold and silver as money. more important the endless wars, is the mission that gold and silver do not become money again. with Bitcoin, the USA empire lasts a thousand years and no end of 1984. This is why deepstater kike Putin and trump are expendable to the cia. Bitcoin is not. If Bitcoin loses to gold and silver, it is game over for Jews and 1984. The learned elders of Zion - the Chabad Jews aligned with the cia go crash and burn with gold and silver.
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