The Jews are the parasites. The Anglos are the host of the parasites. The Jews cannot live without their Anglo host. Jews can attack white Europeans and victimize Anglos with whites to make Anglos believe as they rule the Anglo-American Empire they are the only "victims" of leftists, immigrants and communists. A repeat of the cia/mossad 9/11, fake American victimhood, ordered by Anglo-zionists and Jews.

The Jews die when the host dies. Therefore while the Jews attack whites, yet are part of the promotion of Anglos to position - secret societies that serve the British Crown. So the attacks by Jews on whites are typically Ukrainian, German, Italian, Spanish, Irish and others. Anglo and Jews (Trump is a Churchill fan - tag team with Jews given great territory for Jews to rule over empires of media and zionist causes. Though Jews are ceded roles that make it seem the Jews run things. Such as the Jews run the media and run Chabad Russia. Except when you have much more facts in front of you, you realize the cia has been controlling Russia since 1991, with Jews only permitted to run Russia. And the Jews run the cia media. The Anglo-Republican cia controls the media, and the Jews are the CEOs and those that run the media. Though both Anglo and Jews serve the secret handshake clubs and those serve Queen and Country as was the deepstate in the 1800s to 1900s. The Jews are aware the host can eliminate the parasite, and the cia and mi6 spread in the internet of alt media antisemitism to have control over the parasite so it does not devour the Anglo host. The entire Jewish victimization of Anglo nations is permitted by the cia Anglo deepstate to make the British Royal Anglo deepstate into victims of Jews. And for the Jewish role of keeping a check on Anglo society so the host does not eliminate the Jewish parasite. This is the best explanation given of the deepstate.

The host can eliminate the parasite, the parasite to exist must have defenses from the host.

Anglos blaming the parasite for the ills of the globe are liars. They are promoting the ills of the globe because of the mission of Anglo-American dominance.

Jews work the the worst evil for global domination for Jews to have a big slice of the pie to rule with the British Crown and the secret societies. Jews don't promote the Little Sisters of the Poor to have global dominance, Jews and Anglo "elite" promote the Anglo secret societies and the Anglo-Republican/Tory cia and mi6. Jews provide the chaos to make the Anglo deepstate into victims. This is why Bannon and Trump blame immigrants and Democrats as the deepstate. To project the deepstate onto enemies of Anglo-cia nativists. The disinfo shills only want you to associate international bankers with Jews. To only associate industrialists with Jews. To only associate wall street and the City of London and the Corporation of Washington DC with Jews. You turn into the cia Anglo-Republicans best friend in blaming only Jews. E Michael Jones does this, says the WASP Anglos are only deceived and fooled by the Jews. The most corrupt American family in the 20th century was the Bushes. The Bushes took part in the assassination of JFK. The Bushes led the cia. And E Michael Jones says George Bush does not know how or why the Jews control the globe including the cia. It is so obvious that Anglos choose to promote Jews to position for you to arrive at the conclusion that the Jews run the globe. The Anglos promoted WWI, not primarily Jews, to stop Germany, a rival of England, not a rival of Jews. Jews did not want to destroy Germany, Jews in the West wanted Russia and the Tsar to be destroy by Jewish friend Germany. Meaning WWI was fomented by Anglos using their partners Jews with the promise of zionism promotion if Jews stab Germany in the back. The modern medicine of death was not started by Jews, it was started by a long list of Anglo-American industrialists and bankers. Then Jews in medicine were promoted to push this modern frakenstein medicine of death onto the public. The quest to have the British dominate the globe was not a Jewish cause, that started with the British Crown in the 1500s to battle Catholic Spain. Jews did not destroy the Spanish Empire, Dutch Empire, French Empire and German Empire - Anglos did. Which means the Anglos started the wars around the globe with Jews as late arrivals to carve the globe between the British Crown and Jews.

If you focus only on the Jews, not the Anglo-Zionists, you are ready to accept 1984 of the cia and mi6. To scapegoat leftist Jews for ruining America or scapegoat Muslims for ruining America. GIM1 was anti-American, it was pro-US pre-1860. And there is much more information accessible to point the finger at the Anglo-Zionists that have been compiled since. When Jews are weak, Anglos are used for global control. When Anglos are weak and exposed and hated, Jews are used for global control. The more the Jews are exposed, the more the real deepstate emerges. The Anglo mi6 and secret society deepstaters in England can destroy the Jews with exposing the holocaust was fake, Jewish false flag involvement, and Jewish machinations. Yet they don't because thee gravy train is endless when the disinfo shills get the public to believe the Bush family were duped by Jews that were the "Bush puppet masters", as E Michael Jones believes. How to keep the British Crown/Anglo deepstate from being exposed as the deepstate - have endless shills saying it is only the Jews. If you lack the perceptive of Europe, you are prey to blame only the Jews. You then believe America and Anglos are victims of the Jews, because that is the 24/7 zerohedge position. Victimhood of MAGA from leftists. That is the sideshow so you are never informed of how the real deepstate operates. If zerohedge is your source of disinfo and fake victimization to make you run to Trump, then that is where you are at. If you have a white European perspective, then you know racist Brits against Europeans are the enemies with Jews.

I was studying European soccer for over 2 years. European soccer is 100% rigged to benefit Anglo dominance over the soccer industry. From fixed matches not to benefit Israel which is part of the European UEFA, the fixed matches, corporate money is only to promote the English Premier League dominance over Europe. It is a totally rigged system. Here is a small bit of into on this:

The Wall Street and City of London corporations funnel billions to the English teams so they are flush with cash, and have schemes to force Europeans to pay big for sports packages to funnel more money to the English teams, while the European leagues are paid a tiny fraction of the money the English teams are paid. The Anglo-American media corporations sign contracts with the European leagues for broadcasting. Italy get less than a billion, while the UK gets paid billions by the same corporations for the same contracts. When the Spain League was the best league in Europe, they got pennies on the dollar from corporations. The goal is to bankrupt the non-Anglo leagues so the Engish leagues are the dominant leagues. For Anglo dominance. If you were wondering why the MLS was being promoted big recently, because the Anglo-American goal for Anglo dominance of sport is to promote the MLS as the second biggest league globally after the English League. The whole thing I exposed as a corporate racket on a English speaking forum and the English mods hated me for exposing the entire racket. And when English fans are found guilty of manslaughter or exposed for spitting the face of Danish children at soccer matches, "it is never their fault". Same with the Jews. Anglos and Jews are racist against whites and want to dominate the globe. Parasite and host. The parasite would have left the host alone if the host did not seek British control over the waves and soon lands. Jews don't hang out on poor native american tribes where Jews would lose money, Jews promote the host because Jews know with Charles the Turd, with the Anglo-Republican cia, with Tory mi6, with the secret handshake clubs, Jews can be part of running the globe. The Anglos rule and seek global domination. Jews get to run things here and there.

This is the goal of the British to be dominant over whites, over Continental Europe and over the globe. And don't forget to blame the Jews, "the parasite made them do it".
When a terrorist blows up a bus full of Buddhist nuns, the terrorist says: "it was the parasite that made me do it". Although the Brits like their global domination.

This is the Anglo-Saxon mission and goal.

And the Anglos and Anglo-Americans say you only have two choices: Washington and London ruling over you or else Soros and the Jews are going to get you. That is the racket. That was the racket during the cold war, you must bow before America or else the communists are going to get you. This is why NATO was bad during the cold war, a racket. After the cold war, NATO was used for the WoT to carry out wars approved by the UN Victors of WWII. Now NATO is no longer of use to the British-Americans. NATO Europe (xUK, xFrance) are no longer of use to the British-Americans. The vassalization of Europe is planned:

PNAC was a Jewish promoted cia agenda of mix Anglos and Jews (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush), Jews used it to defeat Israel's enemies. PNAC was a UK handshake group plan, we only learned that out later because the Anglo-Saxon Mission is PNAC Part 2 and it has nothing to do with defeating Israel's existential enemies, it has to do with defeating rivals to British-Americans. We used to believe that US was only used by Jews and later it would be discarded. This was a cia psy-op, the deepstate are the Anglo-Americans. Jews work in partnership with the dominant Anglo-American deepstate. The 7 countries in 5 years plan was a Jewish run plan. Jewish promoted plan. Because that was the plan was to give Israel dominance in the Middle East. After the 7 countries, the cia, Kissinger and Washington deepstate planned to release a virus and blame China, with the purpose to start a war for Trump or another neocon puppet. This was the Anglo mission. Trump war on Europe and China to destroy both was what was termed by the secret societies as the "Anglo-Saxon mission" and it crashed and burned with the Trump defeat in 2020. If you have no European perspective, you are prey to the Soros psy-op to sell fake victimhood of Anglos. If you don't know about the Trump agenda to release a false flag virus and blame China for producing a conflict with China, then you missed out on a full new 9/11 with Anglos to blame according to the Anglos themselves.

The Anglos want English dominance as the norm and accepted thing. Then Soros provides the 9/11-style fake victimhood to Anglos as the Anglo-Americans dominate the globe.

The cia and mi6 are not working for Jews to take over the host Anglos. These are working for the host to conquer the globe and defeat the biggest rival - Europe. For centuries the host and the parasite have worked in a symbiotic relationship - Anglo-Zionism. The secret handshake club. If the parasite is eliminated, the host - cia - still has the mission to dominate the globe. This is Britain First and MAGA. Phony populists to defeat rivals of the Anglo-Americans - Europe. Both political parties are in on this, Republicans for overt and covert warfare.