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    Re: Ohhhh Ahhhh Ohhhh! Palladium!

    Quote Originally Posted by PatColo View Post
    ^ U seen my thread with a couple John McAfee interviews? Esp his fantabulous BTC/cryptos price predictions?

    Thread: John McAfee interview with VLTV - arrests, cryptos, POTUS run

    tells Nathan Stolpman BTC $1mm/coin by end of 2020 or he eats his dick on national TV

    that's about a 100x return from current ~$10k/coin

    edit, 'nother interview, crypto podcast
    Yes I saw and was well aware of his prediction. It was interesting to hear about his escape though. I would be amazed but not overly surprised if bitcoin or one of its forks, or together would get above 1 million dollar before end of 2020, but it may happen in 2021. Crypto will be the fastest and easiest way of protecting your asset value in times of high fiat inflation and bank bankruptcy, and also easiest way of transporting large sums of money across borders. Something that is sure to become popular within the next couple of years. The thing is if Bitcoin does a hundred bagger, then some other coins will do 1000x, but this is nominal dollars, so maybe divide it by 5 or 10 for realistic returns in value. Gold for instance would be fairly constant value, maybe double it because it has been manipulated down for a very long time, so 10-20x current price IOW $15-30k/oz.

    I know these numbers seem kind of unreachable and unrealistic now. But once everyone is trying to leave fiat hell at once, it can and will happen. But expect collapse of vital infrastructure towards end of run —>bitcoin worthless without electricity/internet
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