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Thread: Alan Greenspan's Slide Into Oblivion: The Complete Guide

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    Alan Greenspan's Slide Into Oblivion: The Complete Guide

    Alan Greenspan's Slide Into Oblivion: The Complete Guide
    There was a point when Alan Greenspan was known as "The Maestro," the economic genius who authored the great boom of the 1990s.

    Even after the crash in 2000, maker players obsessively tried to suss out wisdom from the cryptic statements he would make to Congress.

    Even when Alan Greenspan stepped down from Federal Reserve Chairmanship on January 31, 2006, he was still highly regarded.

    He soon returned to economic forecasting, a role he enjoyed before entering government service in 1974, during the administration of Gerald Ford.

    Ever since then, he's been slowly declining from informed-economic-commentator land to short-sighted irrelevance.

    The worst is now. Greenspan has gone on the defensive and is now hesitant to admit he was wrong about the housing crisis and it's badly hurting his reputation.

    Most recently, he's been delivering low blows to Michael Burry, a hedge fund manager who called the housing crisis back in 2005.

    Watch the slow decline of Greenspan into irrelevance after he resigned from the Fed >

    Read more:

    December 2008: I found a flaw in the structure that I used to define how the world works

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    Re: Alan Greenspan's Slide Into Oblivion: The Complete Guide

    Easy to grasp macroeconomic and historical analysis towards inflation risk the next several years:

    George Gammon: Michael Burry Warns Of HYPERINFLATION! (I Explain Why)
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