For anyone who has been wondering, these 7 simple rules are the LAW of this forum, as most recently published by JohnQPublic (The forum owner). They are in their final form, and will not be altered in the future:

Rule #1 - Be respectful to everyone on the board. No flaming, bashing, or baiting or attacking each other. Keep conversation on an intelligent level. If you get very angry, please sign off for a little while and think about it.

Rule #2 - No spamming, or porn. Informational linking and posting is fine. Moderators will determine where to draw the line.

Rule #3 - Stay on topic. If you want to ramble, please go to the lounge.

Rule #4 - Do not use this board for any illegal purposes. Do not endanger individuals. Vicious threats of violence will not be tolerated, whether against forum members or public figures/groups.

Rule #5 - Moderators will interpret these rules. Moderators will try to be fair.

Rule #6 - Respect the privacy of PM (private messaging).

Rule #7 - Do not reveal personal information about members, including moderators.

These rules are what the moderators are using as a guideline for their actions here, and they are what you should all become familiar with if you would like to stay and participate in the forum.

If you want to discuss these rules, there is an open thread in the "Board Communications" sub-forum called "The Board Rules". Here is the link:**

This thread is locked and stickied, and is posted at the top of multiple high traffic sub-forums for all of you to view.