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Thread: Bartering And Horse Trading (Part Duh)

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    Re: Bartering And Horse Trading (Part Duh)

    Good to hear from you Agnut. I believe all of us here appreciate your posts. Glad to hear you are doing well. As far as supplements go, I go easy with them anymore. I think that a person can get way too enthusiastic and overdo it. I have made myself sick before by taking too much of something that I am not well acclimated to and perhaps is not biologically compatible with me in my older years.

    Sometimes I wish I was in closer to the city so I could take advantage of the many estate sale/yard sale opportunities. Then I come back to my senses. I am out in the woods but not far enough. Sounds like you have a nice spread though, if you have ten acres. Good luck with everything.
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    Re: Bartering And Horse Trading (Part Duh)

    It's been almost a year now, agnut. Ya coming back sometime soon?

    yer old friend Bottom Feeder

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    Re: Bartering And Horse Trading (Part Duh)

    Almost two years.
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