This thread is here to serve the purpose of shedding light on the deceptive and concentrated infiltration into the Catholic Church, by the jewish conspirators. It is, beyond question, a completely proveable fact that the jew is focused on the dismantling of the Holy Christian faith in it's entireity, and will impetiously stoop to any tactic available to progress towards this end.

The fact that the jew is overflowing with pride, and full of loathing for the Goyim, is a weak link in their conspiratorial organization, because the jew must brag to each other, and they have a tendancy to write the truth down in books that are written "for jews eyes only". Thereby the jew provides us with proof of their plans, as well as testimony of their deeds carried out in the past, providing souces which can not be dismissed as "anti-semetic" or rhetoric.

I will be contributing to this thread on an ongoing basis, as I can not cover everything in one shot (or even one thread), and I suspect this thread will morph as it progresses.

I will be relying heavily on a text entitled "The Plot against the church" by Maurice Pinay for three reasons:
1) I have read it in it's entireity, and studied it more than most books I have read
2) There is an online version that interested parties can refer to themselves, even though you should really purchase a hard copy
3) The sources are irrefutable, from both jew and non-jew alike, reaching back from the time of Christ forward to 1962.

The creation of this thread was inspired by a post from Neuro, from GypsyBikers prematurely closed "Stormfront II Emerging" thread, found here.

Nuero mentioned in the second last post that fhe found the subject of jewish Popes, Cardinals and Bishops fascinating, and would like to learn more. My intention is to try to cover this in depth, but I am a mane with minimal free time on my hands, so you will have to be patient as I contribute as much as I can, based on the resources I have.

In the mean time, my study is ongoing. many many books on the jewish conspiracy can be found from Omni Christian Book club, which has a website here:

For disclosure purposes, I will say that I have no part in theior business, nor do I know them, nor am I affiliated with them in any way, outside of the fact that I love theior selection of books which they have available. Omni is a valuable resource to anyone who is seeking information jewry or occultism in government, as it related to the conspiracy against Christianity.

Closing this introduction, I will state that I did not fplace this thread in the religious section because the jewish conspiracy streaches far beyond the church, and infiltrates all sides of our lives and political/social structure.
Please do not relocate this thread.

Noobs are welcome as well. Don't be shy.