Today I went to the first day of Georgia Numismatic Association coin show. This is one of the largest shows in Georgia and there were many dealers at this show. There are usually about 200 dealer tables at this show. I decided to go to this coin show because I was looking for silver art bars that were on my wish list.

I got there early at 9:53 AM and I waited in my vehicle until the show opened. While I was waiting, I decided to pull up the Kitco webpage on my smartphone to see where spot gold and spot silver were doing. This was the current spot prices when I arrived at the show:

Spot gold = $1475.40/oz

Spot silver = $42.48/oz

Once I got inside the building and got a name tag, I started going to the regular out-of-state dealers who come here every year to see what art bars they had. After going to those dealers I looked around to see what I could find. I also talked to some dealers since they recognized me from past coin shows and we just talked briefly about silver and silver art bars. As I was looking for silver art bars at this show, I observed some prices on certain gold and silver coins and bars. Here are a few examples of the prices that I have seen and asked about:

Silver American Eagles = $44 to $49. $44 was the lowest price that I saw but these SAE's had enamel on them.

1-oz Gold American Eagle = $1525.00.

.999 generic silver (1-oz only) = Prices ranged between $43 to $45. The highest price that I saw for .999 generic silver was $47/oz.

1-oz Silver art bars = The lowest price was $43.00. There was a silver art bar dealer that had some rare silver art bars that were on my silver art bar wish list but I will go back tomorrow to make a decision on which ones I might buy. Overall there were some silver art bars here at this show, but most of them were common minted one such as Christmas and other holiday-themed art bars.

PCGS-graded America the Beautiful set = $2000. There was another set but that one was ungraded and the price on that one was $1400.00. Those are some very beautiful silver coins IMO.

1/10 oz Gold Eagle = $170.00

Overall, the show looked full and I saw people buying various gold and silver coins and bars. One thing that I noticed at this show was that there seemed to be a lot of silver available at this show. If a person wanted to just buy .999 silver, they would not have any problems doing so. There were all types of silver ranging from 1-oz .999 generic rounds to 100-oz silver Engelhard bars. The reason that I mentioned this because the exact opposite is true with my local coin dealers. The local dealers that I went to and talked to in the last 2 weeks mentioned that cannot keep silver in stock because so many people are buying it now especially with the recent price action. I was able to buy a few silver art bars from various dealers at this show but it was not much at all. I left the coin show at about 1:15 PM to drive back home. Since I have some FRNs left over, I will go back to the show tomorrow to see what other silver art bars I can find and maybe one of my favorite silver art bar dealers will lower the price on some of the rare art bars that I am interested in buying. There were some people selling PM's but I think that it was safe to say that there were more buyers based on what I observed. I love going to coin shows and I feel like a kid in the candy shop each time that I go to one. A lot of the dealers recognized me because I bought from a lot of them at past coin shows and that helps me a lot because they know what I am looking for. Even though, I did not buy much at this show so far, I still had a good time and I felt very relaxed. The last day of the show is on Sunday but I do not plan to go on Sunday.