I have looked through this problems thread and didn't see anyone else having the problem I'm having now.

I posted an article and the typeface was so small I could hardly see it (i'm 68) so I went to edit it.

I selected the text using cntrl-a and clicked on the font size arrow, whereupon the braindead editor unselected all of the previously selected text. Great now I have the ability to select the size, but no text selected, so I select the size I wish and of course nothing happens because there is no text selected upon which to excercise the action. Clicking on the text box closes the font size window.

rinse and repeat as many times as necessary and you still end up where you started, holding a handful of nothing.

all I can say is (*_&))*&)&*(_*&_*&&**&^(T(&**(_(_(.

Oh and while I'm at it your ******* software still can't be viewed in my favorite browser Opera.