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Thread: Facebook and the Technological Control Grid

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    Facebook and the Technological Control Grid

    I am doing research for a current story i am writing, and i came across this story.

    Brilliant Hotel Campaign Allows Users To Engage With Facebook In The Real World

    A hotel in Ibiza have just launched an innovative campaign using RFID technology that allows users to carry out Facebook activity in the real world while on holiday. In a project similar to the Coca Cola village in Israel that we shared last year guests can tag photos, check in on Facebook places and share their wonderful holiday moments without carrying a computer or phone around with them. All they have to do is wear a wrist band that they are given when checking in and match it up with their Facebook profile. It’s then just a case of having a good time and swiping the wrist band at various RFID points that the hotel have set up around the resort. The benefit from the hotel’s perspective is that all these people having fun are sharing content with their friends who are likely to make a booking in the future. It really is the best type of free advertising you could ever wish for but I do wonder what sort of stuff people will share after a few drinks and if they might regret sharing it with so many the next morning. RFID technology is still rare enough in marketing campaigns but this shows that it a great way of getting people to engage with Facebook and push information back there from the real world…

    I wasnt aware of the Coca Cola Village in Israel:

    It’s a rare moment when I see something being done online and instantly want to try it out for one of our clients. This however, is a great example of integrating Facebook with your offline marketing activity in a completely new way that I would love to try! It comes from Coca Cola in India Israel. At their amusement park in India Israel, an annual event called Coca Cola Village, they issued customers with an RFID (radio frequency identification) bracelet that contained their Facebook details. Check out what they did with it in the video below :

    Each of the people with the bracelets were invited to swipe their bands at certain places to give a ‘Like’ to that particular product or activity. And they were also able to upload their own pictures to their Facebook profiles, where they were automatically tagged. Over 650 teenagers used the RFID bracelets over 3 days and over 35,000 ‘Likes’ were made. Pretty impressive, especially when you consider how many friends those people would have reached through their individual newsfeeds.
    This is the kind of thing that really gets me excited. Seeing social technology being used in a completely new way, but importantly integrating with ‘real world’ activity. There’s nothing better for a brand than having hundreds of people running around actually ‘Liking’ all your content and sharing it with your friends. And because it’s something completely new for the user, they go around swiping everything in sight!

    You can certainly see the future in this sort of technology, particularly coupled with the announcement of Facebook Places. We’re already used to getting our phones out and checking in to places. But imagine that you don’t even have to do that. You could soon just walk into somewhere, swipe it as you go in and people know where you are. And say you’re in a shop, you could go and swipe everything you like, keeping a record of what you like and passing on recommendations to friends. It might seem a bit far fetched at the moment, but this technology is already out and about in the real world, but hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet. It’s a big leap in the ‘internet of things‘ , where everyday objects are interconnected.
    As new as the technology is, it does obviously open a few privacy concerns (as all new services do!). Lose the tag and it’s all to easy for someone to impersonate you online. I expect that as adoption of RFID increases though, the security measures will develop too.

    Since Facebook made their changes with the Like button and social graph earlier this year, we’ve seen more and more examples of Facebook being integrated not only with our online lives, but with many different areas of marketing and advertising. We’re not talking about putting a Facebook logo in the corner of a TV ad, but making it a real, integrated part of your activity. Many internet companies are battling for TV space at the moment, as they try and fully connect TV with our online behaviour. A recent report into social TV shows how Facebook and Twitter are making moves in the way of ‘socially targeted TV advertising’. Given that these social networks can monitor reaction to TV shows in real time, it gets pretty exciting.
    I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for more examples of Facebook in the wild and I think the opportunities are endless. This is an inspiring case study to marketers and technology enthusiasts. Well done Coca Cola!

    The human race is FINISHED.
    This system; that has been designed, funded and setup by humans; is the ENDGAME Technological Luciferian Control Grid that will DESTROY the human race. I see young people all around me openly embracing this Satanic Occult society. OPENLY taking in the poisonous toxins all around them in the air, food and electronics. OPENLY giving away their humanity in exchange for a 'Like' on Facebook.

    My heart is hurting right now......
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    I don't like it. Yeah, sometimes I feel quite alone rejecting all this tech BS. The masses seem to eat it up.

    I'd been better off born 100 years ago.

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    More than 12 million unique users pay for virtual goods each month, according to data released for the first time today by digital payments vendor PayPal.

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    Facebook & the ADL collaborate to keep anybody from telling the truth about Israel, off the ADL Facebook wall.

    After you tell the truth once, even if you clear your cookies & re-boot the computer & the router (to get another IP under a DHCP protocol), Facebook adds an additional step to re-register - you have to give them your phone #.

    it's an interesting way to use technology to censor social networking content.

    it can be cirvumvented, but it is more aggressive (in censoring users) than any other forum software i've seen.
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    I wonder why a certain t.v. personality has been pushing a particular digital currency... not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Snake View Post
    I wonder why a certain t.v. personality has been pushing a particular digital currency... not.
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