Finely broke down and dug my starter (been frozen for near 6 years) and added water and flour and early signs of life are showing, probably near 3 maybe 2 days until I can use it.

And see what will be seen, (sourdough yeast is alive, think pet)

Am amazed that this early in the process that bubbles are showing, time will tell, if it is right..

If so kady bar the door, have some I dried that for a grin I may see still able, tho, now I understand drying is the BEST way to keep an sourdough starter inert, until needed again. Tho my frozen starter at this time looks good.

It is what it is and world wide bakers they understand, when it comes to no store boughten yeast, bread can be made where ever air born yeast is floating.

Bubble bubble toil and great stuff (slight mod to that saying)