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Thread: Introduction to the Holocaust™ Hoax

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    Re: Introduction to the Holocaust™ Hoax

    FAKE "ELECTIONS" - Why Ron Paul Can't "Win"

    "If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." -- E. Martin Schotz

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    Re: Introduction to the Holocaust™ Hoax

    Here Come the Polocaust Deniers

    Gilad Atzmon • October 5, 2019 • 900 Words • 43 Comments

    Yesterday Haaretz published a tedious, clumsily written 5000 word rant titled, “The Fake Nazi Death Camp: Wikipedia’s Longest Hoax, Exposed.”

    It seems that some Israelis and Jews are very disturbed that Poles have a gas chamber narrative of their own. “For over 15 years, false claims that thousands of Poles were gassed to death in Warsaw were presented as fact. Haaretz reveals they are just the tip of an iceberg of a widespread Holocaust distortion operation by Polish nationalists”

    I’m not even remotely an expert on gas chambers. I am neither an engineer nor a historian and have no opinion on the validity or historicity of claims that Poles were gassed by Nazis. But what is plain is that Israelis and Jews are insisting upon dominating any narrative of the past and not just the Jewish past. They are outraged that other victims of the Nazis claim to have been gassed. They insist that being gassed must remain the sole domain of the Jews.

    “It’s fake history,” says Prof. Havi Dreifuss, a Tel Aviv University historian and Yad Vashem’s expert on Poland and the Holocaust, when asked about gas chambers in Warsaw.” Professor Dreifuss, a Jewish-Israeli academic, feels entitled to comment on the validity of the emerging Polish gas narrative. I do not have an issue with Dreifuss’ sense of academic privilege, yet, you don’t need me to remind you what happens to a gentile academic, comedian or politician who is even mildly critical of any piece of the Jewish holocaust narrative.

    The Haaretz article is mainly concerned with the relevant Wikipedia entry. Writing that, since the Wikipedia article on the “Warsaw concentration camp was opened in August 2004, and until it was completely rewritten this past August, it falsely claimed that there was an extermination camp in the Polish capital.”

    Israel’s relentless quest to dominate Wikipedia is not a new story and is hardly a secret. Back in 2010 The Guardian wrote that Israeli “groups seeking to gain the upper hand in the online debate have launched a course in ‘Zionist editing’ for Wikipedia, the online reference site.” You can watch the rabid right wing Israeli politician Naftali Bennet commenting on a Wikipedia editing workshop that teaches Jews and others how to edit Wikipedia pages to favour the Israeli position.

    It seems the Hasbara Ziopedia schooling produced the goods. “The person who first discovered the scale of the (Polish gas chamber) distortion – and is now arguing to have it recognized as Wikipedia’s longest hoax – is an Israeli editor dubbed Icewhiz, who refuses to be identified by his real name but agreed to speak with Haaretz. Icewhiz has already rewritten the English-language article for KL Warschau to reflect the accepted historical truth, but his attempt to cleanse other Wikipedia articles that incorporate material from it reveal that the principal entry is only the tip of an iceberg.”

    Although the Israeli Wikipedia editing courses were initially set to teach Jews how to dominate the debate over Israel on Wikipedia and on the net in general, it seems it didn’t take long before the Israelis saw a duty to dominate the past of the Poles and of any other people’s history so their past fits with the primacy of Jewish suffering.

    The message Haaretz delivers is that God’s chosen people or maybe just the Israelis, want the Shoah for themselves, they will not share Nazi victimhood with anyone else. Haaretz writes, “this attempt to revise the accepted history of the Shoah on the internet encyclopedia parrots the revised historical narrative currently being trumpeted by the Polish government. In this narrative, the Poles in general – not just the country’s Jewish population – were the main victims of the Nazi occupation.”

    If this position is puzzling or if you wonder what is wrong with sharing Nazi victimhood, Haaretz answers: “This line attempts to shift the light away from a growing body of research into cases of Polish cooperation and collaboration with the Nazis in the persecution of Jews. The effort to rewrite Polish history on Wikipedia joins Holocaust distortion efforts by Polish think tanks – picked up and echoed by nationalist media outlets – that try to increase the estimate of the number of Poles who perished during the so-called Polocaust, a term that has gained popularity in recent years and is used to describe the mass murder of non-Jewish Poles at the hands of the Nazis. Many times, this also includes minimizing the number of Jews who died during the Holocaust. And while this new Polish narrative has failed to make headway in academia or the world media, on Wikipedia it has thrived.”

    Israel fights to prevent other nations from writing their own histories if such attempts seem to interfere with the most popular Jewish religion: the holocaust. Poland lost between three to six million of its sons and daughters between 1939-1945. This tragedy understandably compels Poles to look into their past, to revise it and even to fetishize some elements of it.

    Every day we read that Jewish pressure groups are publishing ‘alarming statistics’ about the rise of antisemitsm. If there is anyone who thinks that the attempt by Israel and Jewish bodies to dominate Poland’s past is likely to suppress antisemitism and make Jews loved in Poland please stand up.
    FAKE "ELECTIONS" - Why Ron Paul Can't "Win"

    "If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." -- E. Martin Schotz

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    Re: Introduction to the Holocaust™ Hoax

    Church apologises for hosting event staged by Keep Talking, a group founded by Holocaust denier

    One of the speakers was Miko Peled, who caused uproar at a Labour conference fringe event when he appeared to support the questioning of the Shoah

    Nick Kollerstrom, a conspiracy theorist, has questioned how many Jews were murdered in the Holocaust

    London church has apologised for “inadvertently” hosting an event by a group founded by Holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom.

    According to anti-extremist group Hope Not Hate, one of the speakers was Miko Peled, an Israeli-American activist who caused uproar at a Labour conference fringe event when he appeared to support the questioning of the Shoah.

    Mr Kollerstrom, a frequent guest of the Richie Allen Show, whose other guests include Holocaust revisionist Alison Chabloz and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, has previously denied the existence of gas chambers in Nazi death camps, and has disputed whether six million Jews died in the Holocaust.

    The event – titled Journey of an Israeli in Palestine – was coordinated under the aegis of Prof Kollerstrom’s Keep Talking organisation and took place on October 3 at St Anne’s Church in Soho.

    Miko Peled, who was a guest speaker (Photo: Twitter, @mikopeled)

    Elleanne Green, who was suspended from Labour after it emerged she set up the Palestine Live Facebook group which was littered with antisemitic remarks, and Stephen Sizer, a vicar who was reprimanded for sharing material suggesting Israel carried out the 9/11 attacks, both published Facebook posts promoting the event.

    Ms Chabloz was also photographed in the audience as was Mr Kollerstrom's co-founder of Keep Talking, Ian Fathom.

    The church promised on Sunday to review its booking procedure and said it would donate the booking fee to the Community Security Trust (CST).

    The church added: “Unfortunately, this event, which was entirely separate from the church, may not have accurately reflected our values or those of our community.

    “The church was neither organising nor promoting the event, and it did not appear in any of our publicity. However, I regret that we inadvertently gave a platform, however small, to anyone whose words on the night, or reputation from the past, had the potential to cause offence.

    “That was not our intention. St Anne’s absolutely opposes any form of hatred: be it racism, homophobia or antisemitism. We apologise for the offence that has been caused to members of the Jewish Community and will be donating the room hire fee to Community Security Trust.

    “This is the first time a situation like this has arisen here, but as a result we will also be reviewing our booking procedure with the aim of ensuring it does not happen again.”

    Last year, Ms Chabloz was handed a suspended jail sentence for posting a number of songs online which mocked the Holocaust.

    The Ministry of Justice confirmed that she was recently released from HMP New Hall after being jailed for breaching terms of her sentence.

    Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl said: “We are very grateful to St Anne’s Church for its heartfelt apology.

    "We urge people who have previously hosted or supported Peled – including University College London, Brighton Quaker Meeting, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and some Labour Party members – to have nothing more to do with him.”
    FAKE "ELECTIONS" - Why Ron Paul Can't "Win"

    "If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." -- E. Martin Schotz

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    Re: Introduction to the Holocaust™ Hoax




    Dear Mr. Spielberg,

    I wish your honesty to be equal to your verygreat talent. I saw you on TV in France. You declared that you would pour outShoa propaganda in German schools. You mentioned that witnesses would beconvinced for good, as to the reality of the Shoah (6-million-gas-chambers). Ifeel it my duty as a Jew and after 20 years of study of the historical problemof the holocaust, to call your attention to the facts.

    Facts are very stubborn and as no one cangainsay them, our congeners have been compelled to make disgusting politiciansenact Stalino – Orwellian laws which forbid to mention anything concerning thedogma of the “six-million-gas-chambers”, definitively reduced to perpetualworship of this alchemy.

    In case of no respect of silence and worship ofthe myth, you suffer the penalty of fines or prison or both. ProfessorFaurisson, who has been studying the subject for 20 years, has been practicallymassacred. This is utterly ridiculous, but give the Police and the Justice ofall countries to Mr Lévy, he will not be ridiculous any more: here is the XXthcentury!

    These laws are, accordingly, the absolute proofof the fake before we study its arithmetical and technical ineptitude. No Sir,you will not find ONE witness who saw 6 million Jews slaughtered. You will notfind ONE witness of Zyclon-B – gas chamber’s to exterminate 1000 or 2000 peopleat a time, close to the crematoria. See my “Shoa Sherlockholmized” herewith: itis the summary of 20 years study on the subject.

    The “6-million-gas-chambers myth “is anarithmetic and technical nonsense.

    As a matter of fact the howling, snivelling,Shoah business, 50 years after the war, is disgusting, debasing: it is adisgraceful shame. No people in History has ever been wailing about its losses50 years after a war, even its true and real losses. Even if the6-million-gas-chambers were true, it would be a dishonour to make such din andpump up so much money everywhere: who were the usurers of the Weimar Republic?You know it as well as I do.

    It is all the more so as we know that 6.000.000is gross exaggeration and that the Zyclon-B gas chambers are a technicalimpossibility. (See Degesh Trial in 1949). In fact 150,000 or 200,000 Jews diedin the German camps of typhus or starvation. Many others died but as fightersagainst Germany to which we, the Jews, had declared war in 1933! (Herr. Hitlerwas allergic to the hegemony of gold and of the dollar: so he could give workto six million unemployed, before the functioning of German armament factories!).

    Do you know the book published at this periodand written by our congener Kaufmann: GERMANY MUST PERISH? We know that80,000,000 Goyim were slaughtered in the USSR, in a political regime which wasentirely Jewish, from Marx and Warburg, to Kaganovitch, Frenkel, Yagoda, theexecutioners. We know that after 1945 Americans and Russians killed and rapedGerman communities all over Europe from Lithuania to Albania. We know that1,500,000 German war prisoners were starved to death after the war (a quitefamous book was published a few years ago, but is ignored to day). You willfind there included in French the text of a rabbi: “A rabbi pleads guilty”:unfortunately I possess neither the German original nor an English translation.You should have it translated.

    The Rabbi condemns the Jewish behaviour inGermany 50 years before Nazism and vindicates the emergence of Hitler. As forthe harm we have done to Humanity absolutely not redeemed by your excellentfilms or the virtuosity of Yehudi Menuhin, or the neutron bomb of S.T. Cohen, Iwrote a book about it from texts written by important Jews which are much abovethe most anti-Semitic text written by Goyim.

    Simone Weil drew a tragic summary:

    “The Jews, this handful of uprooted people,have been the cause of the uprooting of the whole mankind”. And GeorgeSteiner:“For 5000 years we have been talking too much: words of death for usand for the others”.

    We know that all the German towns of more than100,000 people have been destroyed during the last war, with women andchildren: silence about this real holocaust. If we consider the turn taken bythe Shoah business, what you intend to do in Germany is actually the safest wayto a heaping up of a huge amount of anti-Jewism the explosion of which will beunique in History. Discretion and moderation must be our behaviour: all therest is suicide.

    Neither “mondialism” nor Orwellian laws for“crime of thought” can prevent antisemitism to explode: only OUR behaviour can.What you do and all the whining and money pumping can only egg it on. It willincrease out of reasonable proportions, if there can be a reasonable proportionto antisemitism. I know that it is practically impossible to check ourpropensity to speculation and that only the abolition of circumcision, the 8thday could (our particularism derives from the disturbance of the 21 days of the1st puberty, which starts precisely at the 8th day) but we must, at least, tryto avoid such blunders as the one you intend to perform in Germany and whichwould be appalling. I am a great admirer of your films (except the Shindlerlist: ask his wife and the historical real reality, but this is a minorblunder). I hope you will scrutinize what I send you and escape the folly ofthe majority of our congeners. I will always answer you if you have theintegrity to write to me.

    Cordialement à vous.

    Signed by: Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco deMenasce.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    The «Shoa» Sherlockholmised – By R.DommerguePolacco de Ménasce.

    1. Do we know, in the course of History, of anethnic group which would not rejoice when learning that, in a war ended fiftyyears before, it had suffered many less losses than it thought? Would thediscoverer of such good piece of news, not be rewarded, celebrated? Would he beoverwhelmed with heavy fines, would he escape attempted murder, as such was thecase with Professor Faurisson? Do such reactions not belong to a heavy case ofpsychopathy?

    2. Have the live skeletons which can be seen insuch films as “ Night and Fog” (by Alain Resnais), have anything to do withgassing? Are they not the result of famine in the camps because of thesystematic bombing of German towns containing more than 100,000 people,“holocausting” hundreds of thousands of women and children who are nevermentioned?

    3. Where would have been the 4 million Jews (if we consider that 2 millions were killed in battlefields), when it is wellknown that one camp could not contain more than 60,000 thousand people, andthat except in Auschwitz, there was no Zyclon- B gas-chambers? ( there neverwas any proof of mass gasing with any other gas).

    4. Are the witnesses worth anything, when youknow that torture was the way to squeeze out evidence. Such was the case ofCommandant Hoess whose ludicrous declaration has become a legend . What aboutthe 100 witnesses of gassing in Dachau, when it is official that there was nogas chamber in that camp?

    5. 130 kilos of coal are necessary for thecremation of one dead body. We are told that the Germans cremated 1300 corpsesa day. U.S.A aircraft took hundreds of pictures of Auschwitz, during thesupposed period of the holocaust. (1943-44). Why is there not a single giganticheap of the necessary coal? Why not a single black coil of smoke?

    6. Why do radio, films, press, T.V., continuedaily to inflict upon us the myth of the six-million-gas-chambers, in a neverending whining and moaning? Why is the Jewish lobby chasing, 50 years after theend of the war, nonagenarians who attempted to rescue Germany from the iniquityof the Versailles treaty, from the rot of the Weimar Republic, from thecollapse of German youth, from the unemployment of 6 million people, who, backto work could give bread to the 21,500,000 persons who were dependent on them?

    7. Why does the AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK,issue 43, page 666, inform us that in 1941, there were 3.300.000 Jews inoccupied Europe?

    8. How is it possible that the gas chamberscould be just near the crematoria, when any chemist will tell you that Zyclon-Bis hyperflammable?

    9. Why are revisionist historians persecutedwhen they demonstrate the hoax of the Shoa? A scientific dialogue, a courtordered appraisal have been demanded since 1980 about a problem specificallyarithmetic and technical. It would seal truth for ever. It would definitivelyshut the mouths. Such was the case for Katyn, thanks to the revisionistGorbatchev.

    10. How could Zyclon-B gas 1000 people at onetime, when it is well known that the USA gas chamber for one ( maximum 2)persons sentenced to death, are of an unheard of complexity and cost? Why, atthe trial of the Degesh, which fabricated the Zyclon-B, was it declared in1949, that gassing in such conditions is impossible and unthinkable?

    11. Why did Leuchter, who was in charge of themaintenance of the USA gas chambers, give the firm evidence that there was nogassing in Auschwitz? Why have Austrian and Polish reports confirmed theLeuchter report? Why is the Rudolf report, which analyses all results,forbidden? Why are those who divulge the Rudolf report, heavily sentenced bythe law? And yet the slightest care of the quality and accuracy of the reportis not taken.

    12. Why was, for the first time in History, thedoctors degree of Mr Roques, on the “Gerstein report” cancelled? And still,this report was not accepted at the Nuremberg trial! Besides the well knownhistorian, a socialist minister, Alain Decaux, mentioned in the press that ”nobody could have access to the Gerstein report, without passing first throughthe excellent thesis of M. Roques” Alain Decaux said: “I admired the skill andperfection of a “chartist” performed by M.Roques in his doctors degree on theGerstein report” (in his book: “la guerre absolue” 1998).

    13. Why did Raymond Aron and François Furet ata Sorbonne seminar, (to which no revisionist was invited), (state) that therewas not the slightest trace of a written or oral order for the extermination ofthe Jews?

    14. Why is it never spoken of the planning ofthe extermination of the Germans as expressed in a book written by the JewKaufmann (“Germany must perish”), by sterilisation of German men.? It isundoubtedly a small detail?

    15. Why Zyclon-B, used by the Germans forhygiene since 1920, could be used in the concentration camps for other purposesthan delousing and protection against typhus? Why large quantities of Zyclon-Bcould be found in camps where it is official that there never was anygasings

    16. Why do they harp on the“six-million-gas-chamber” and never on the 80 million Goyim exterminated in theUSSR, by an entirely Jewish political regime, the executioners of which borethe names of Kaganovitch, Yagoda, Frenkel, Firine, Jejoff, Ourenski, Rappaport,and fifty other Jews?

    17. Why, during the Zundel trial in Canada, thefamous exterminationist Jews disgraced themselves by talking of “poeticlicence” in their holocaust assertions, and never came back when summoned bythe judges?

    18. Why the Fabius-Gayssot law ? (the man ofthe contaminated blood and another man, a Communist dragging along 200,000,000corpses).

    19. Is it not the supreme proof of the fake? Isit not casting out nines? There is no need of Stalino-Orwellian law “to be putin prison because of ones beliefs” (thought crime of ” 1984 “) as stated M.Toubon, before he became a minister of Justice in France, to set up truth. Thislaw is anti constitutional, anti democratic, against the rights of men. Facts,proofs, pros and cons, are only what we need. Professor Faurisson besought forthe granting of a forum with an unlimited number of contradictors: he neverobtained it. L’abbé Pierre did ask for it: they pretended to grant it butrefused it almost immediately. The forum did take place at the television ofLugano. It was a complete success for the Revisionists and was broadcast twice.Nobody knows it as the media at the beck and call of the Jewish lobby, movetheir little finger only when authorized.

    20. Why is it that when a professor declaresthat the holocaust is an arithmetic and technical ineptitude, he is forthwithdismissed! This, for the first time in History, sets up the insane concept ofreligious historical dogma, which in case of non perennial worship, is doomedto be struck by the lightning of the inquisition of a secular state.

    21. Why did the EXPRESS, a famous Frenchnewspaper, in January 1995, assert that the gas-chamber shown for decades inAuschwitz I, was reconstructed after the war, and that all that concerns it, isfalse?

    22. There was actually a holocaust of 60million people in a war declared in 1933 by the Jews against Hitler. Hitler hadgiven bread to 6 million unemployed, he had rejected the dictatorship of thedollar and the Jewish totalitarianism which pollute man and the planet andwhich is called “democracy” by semantic mystification. Only two parties areleft: the totalitarian Judeopathy, exterminating man and the planet, andNationalism for the Goyim not yet cankered by Capitalisto-Marxist Jewishinfluence.

    In “Marianne” Jean François Kahn expressesanger against the bureaucrats of the Jewish World Congress about thedespoilment of Jewish property, which ended on the 3rd of March 1998 inWashington. He writes: “They have reduced the Shoah to a financial market. Sothe typical victim of Nazi barbarity, the archetype of the most frightfulgenocide of this time, is not the exploited worker in Cracovie, the humbleartisan of Lodz, the small civil servant of Kiev, the modest shopkeeper of larue des Rosiers, or the unknown craftsman of Riga, but the cosmopolitanbillionaire who collected Rembrandt and Rubens, slept on a heap of gold signedhere and there comfortable insurance policies, sent his children to the U.S.Ain order that they should make a brilliant career. This mighty lobby ofAmerican oligarchs is not ashamed of reducing the holocaust to aShoa-business.”

    If Faurisson had written what J.F. Kahn wrotehe would have had one more trial on his shoulders ! There is not the shadow ofa doubt!

    By R.Dommergue Polacco de Ménasce.

    (A Jew who strongly takes issue with thetotalitarian Judeopathy)

    . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Thanks to Sara’le for the refreshing and sound research.

    Photo’s from…

    Please ‘like’ if you feel its time to put the Holocaust to bed.

    Well over 90 percent of the people Hitler locked up were German's. Only 2 to 3 percent were Jews and most of those Jews were elevated to running the concentration camps.

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