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Thread: Sunday chat 10/9/11

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    Joe King
    Quote Originally Posted by freespirit View Post
    ...ok, here's a little update...

    after farkin' around with thing damn thing most of the evening, i was able to get the adobe uninstaller program to remove the problem version, then i installed the archived version that joe provided a link for. after installing this archived version, i was able to log on to youtube, but could not view videos. also i was still unable to log into tinychat. i uninstalled flash again, then rebooted and then installed the debug version. now i can log in to chat, and can view youtube videos, but most of them appear very choppy especially on full screen.

    but hey, at least i can view them and can get into chat again!

    (...i still liked the old chat better... )
    I hope you can get it working, as it obviously has worked in the past, so you know it can work.....if they'd let it.

    Which brings up my biggest problem with apples stuff. They take stuff that still works and intentionally break it, and then say buying a new computer is the solution.

    With Windows, I can put it on older PC's and make it work just fine for basic functions like getting online, watching videos and using email or even {gasp} chat. You can even get supposedly non-supported hardware working in many instances.
    ...and Linux is even better in that regard.

    Not so with apples crapple.

    Actually, is Linux an option for you? Ubuntu has a PPC version.
    Maybe try booting a liveCD of that and see if it works any better for you?
    You'll need a dvd burner though. Got one?

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    and i am not computer savvy enough to figure it out...

    but i doubt it is apple's fault...adobe is the one that stopped supporting the ppc platform...not enough ppc users to justify it, i think...

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