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Thread: Ron Paul's Masonic Jewish Economics

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    Ron Paul's Masonic Jewish Economics

    Ron Paul's Masonic Jewish Economics

    Whether or not a currency is backed by gold makes no difference.
    As long as we pay interest, it is still Masonic Jewish (i.e. Illuminati)
    economics. The real alternative is interest-free currency.

    by Anthony Migchels

    As we know, the Illuminati Jewish Money Power likes playing the Hegelian Dialecticgame and controlling both sides of the conflict. Clearly, they will have their answer ready when their Fiat Empire comes to it's end.

    That answer may be "Austrian" Economics. Here's why "Austrian" economics espoused by Ron Paul is really another dialectic of Masonic Jewish economics.:

    Murray Rothbard was a son of poor Jewish immigrants from Poland. Ludwig von Mises was a son of a wealthy Jewish financier family from what is now the Ukraine. When von Mises came to the US, he was set up with a grant from the Rockefellers.

    Austrian Economics correctly identifies the manipulation of the money supply as the cause of the boom/bust, a.k.a business cycle. This is the kernel of truth necessary to give credibility to the rest of the disinformation. However, they completely ignore the wealth transfer through interest, which is the crux of the problem.


    Interest has always been the Money Power's main instrument. It took control of the planet by starting wars, financing both sides, and having Governments go deeply into debt.

    Interest is a wealth transfer from the poorest 80% to the richest 10%.

    The global numbers are not known, but in Germany a billion dollars a day is paid by the poorest 80%. Extrapolated to the world, this means the Plutocracy drain anywhere between $5 trillion and $10 trillion dollars per year.

    The US Govt loses up to $700 billion per year in debt service. That's a TARP every year. All for money that was printed the minute it was borrowed. But "Austrian" Economics will 'fix' that problem: we'll be paying it for Gold-based credit instead.

    To add insult to injury: the boom/bust cycle will not change, which is the basic case for gold. Gold has been the standard for a long time and it didn't stop the Money Power from creating asset bubbles and deflationary busts.

    Even under a full reserve banking system it is quite easy to manipulate the volume in circulation when you control a large part of the World's gold reserves.

    So all in all its fair to say that Austrian Economics is still Masonic 'Jewish' Economics.


    All this has become relevant because of Ron Paul, of course. He is not the man Patriots think he is. In 2001, he said,There's nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency.... The effort in recent decades to unify government surveillance over all world trade and international financial transactions through the UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO, ICC, the OECD, and the Bank of International Settlements can never substitute for a peaceful world based on true free trade, freedom of movement, a single but sound market currency, and voluntary contracts with private property rights.... The ultimate solution will only come with the rejection of fiat money worldwide, and a restoration of commodity money. Commodity money if voluntarily and universally accepted could give us a single world currency requiring no money managers, no manipulators orchestrating a man-made business cycle with rampant price inflation." -- Ron Paul, Congressional Record, March 13, 2001

    Paul says gold will keep Government spending in check. He wants to cut Government spending, but is unable to explain how this would lead to different results than what we have seen in Greece: an imploding economy with a withering tax base and even higher deficits as the predictable result.

    In the debate you see the Keynes-Austrian Dialectic: Spending versus Austerity. Both ignore interest, which is the hidden common ground.

    People like Webster Tarpley and Paul Krugman want the Government to reflate the economy. This is correct, but the risk is that it will kill the patient which is suffering from intolerable debt service levels as it is. They both skillfully avoid the monetary system itself, let alone interest.

    That's why they can't really put up a fight against the Austrians. If the economy were reflated with either debt free money, or interest free credit, the problem would be over instantly.

    It is too bad Ron Paul has managed to hijack the Patriot Movement. His constitutionalism, his peaceful intentions, his $1 trillion austerity drive combined with his modest demeanor have managed to convince many discerning and well meaning people.

    His rise and the sycophantic worship that he receives is eerily similar to that of Barack Obama in 2008.

    But as long as we don't understand money and the all importance of interest, people like Obama and Paul will continue to fool us with their Voodoo- and Masonic Jewish Economics.


    During modern history the financiers behind the throne clearly subjugated Governments. They don't need the State. To them it is a competitor, a dangerous one too. They will use it as long as they can control it, but they are trying to consolidate their financial power in their World Government.

    Social Credit is the best debt-free currency I know: it's a Greenback created by Govt, given to the people to spend into circulation, instead of Govt. In that way, the money is located at the base of the supply line. People know where to spend the money better than govt.

    Meanwhile, the gold-versus-fiat narrative is a dialectical ruse and distraction which allows them to sabotage all meaningful monetary reform.

    We need a debt-free, interest-free currency which would lead to political freedom and the put humanity back on the road to fulfilling its Divine destiny.


    Google "Ron Paul Freemason" for ample evidence he is a Freemason.

    Austrian Economists suffer when confronted with the interest issue. Here are two recent examples:
    What Gary North is not telling you about Interest
    Discussing Gold and Interest with the Daily Bell

    Anthony Migchels is an Interest-Free Currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first Regional Currency in the Netherlands. You can read all of his articles on his blog Real Currencies

    Mutual credit, the astonishingly simple truth about money creation

    The problem is not debt, its interest
    “Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses. It is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”
    H.L. Mencken

    "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
    H. L. Mencken

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    Re: Ron Paul's Masonic Jewish Economics

    Gold and silver as money is jewish vodoo and Ron Paul is evil and Masonic. Great then I'm all those things for believing and holding SAE and GAE.

    Yes lets throw out Paul and continue on the same path.

    The article is a sad joke for people who don't know what hard money is for.

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