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Thread: The Power of the State Militia

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    The Power of the State Militia

    The Militia has become synonymous with ‘Right Wing Extremist’ in this left leaning MARXIST society that has been engineered around us. Gone are the days of individual responsibility, Lawful defense of property and State Militia’s.

    Since most of us went through the 10th Plank of the Communist Manifesto (Known as the Public School System) we have not been taught REAL history, and the history we have been taught is irrelevant to reality, truth, justice and morals.

    The system has pushed a version of history that tells us the Government has ALWAYS protected us against enemies. It has always been the Government who has secured our freedoms and Rights.

    NOTHING could be further from the truth.

    The cold hard TRUTH is the Militia were the instrumental tool for the resistance and rebellion against the Unlawful actions of Authoritarian oppressors and Foreign enemies throughout the history of this great Republic. It was the great men, woman and children who took up arms in DEFENSE of Life, Liberty and Property that secured our precious way of life, not some authoritarian central military like the history books would have you believe.

    Below are statistics from many different American Wars showing the number of State Militia v Regular Troops deployed. This is taken directly from a 1939 Dictionary John C Winston Company edition:

    Revolutionary War (1775-1783)
    State Militia – 164,080
    Regular Troops – 130,711

    War of 1812 (1812-1815)
    State Militia – 471,000
    Regular Troops – 85,000

    Creek Indian War (1813-1814)
    State Militia – 13,000
    Regular Troops – 600

    Seminal War (1814-1819)
    State Militia – 6,900
    Regular Troops – 1,000

    Black Hawk Indian War (1832)
    State Militia – 5,000
    Regular Troops – 1,000

    Cherokee Disturbance (1836-1839)
    State Militia – 9,000
    Regular Troops – 0

    Creek War (1836)
    State Militia – 12,000
    Regular Troops – 935

    Florida Indian War (1836)
    State Militia – 29,000
    Regular Troops – 11,000

    War with Mexico (1846-1849)
    State Militia – 73,000
    Regular Troops – 30,000

    Totals: State Militia – 778,980
    Regular Troops - 181,946

    Source: 1939 Dictionary, John C Winston Company Edition

    This is a CRUSHING blow to the history you have been taught. The men, woman and children of the several States are the ones who laid their lives on the line for an idea who’s time had come. Im not diminishing the work that the Federal Troops did, but it is painfully obvious that without the Militia, the outcomes of these wars would have been drastically different; As would your life and my life.

    Long live the State Militia!
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    Re: The Power of the State Militia

    So as not to be confused with the National Guard understand that the militia votes for their officers who are then commissioned by the governor.
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