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Thread: new shooting: Newtown, Conn. details breaking

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    Re: new shooting: Newtown, Conn. details breaking

    I am extremely disappointed that Rebecca Carnes is not exposing new and stronger proofs, our truth weaponry, that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

    I thought she could follow up on some fishing parts of the official story and get more solid information supporting its fishyness because she know who was around and is still around who were the leaders in the Newtown community.

    I thought she could at least throw out the NAMES of the people who led the big theatrical play and subsequent cover-up. That would be could use of knowledge.

    She seems like a courageous honest person, but she is not pursuing just the very things that offered real hope for our better exposing the truth. She must live there with her family and she has to be careful what she does and say because she is already being treated badly by locals just for her innocuous petition calling for a new investigation on why the police response to the event were so poor.

    Dr. Fetzer says his goal now is...

    James Fetzer says:
    February 11, 2020 at 5:13 pm
    The hardest part about discussing Sandy Hook is to open minds just enough to even talk about it. She is doing that. I am not concerned about how much she is able to achieve in relation to a serious investigation, because we know it will never happen. But I am ecstatic that she is getting local folks and Connecticut residents to leave their minds slightly ajar to consider it.

    In other words for Dr. Fetzer he is ecstatic just to get the residents of Newtown "to leave their minds slightly ajar to consider it." that is to say the new goal is just have the people of Newtown able to discuss the Sandy Hook openly and freely.

    That has never been my goal.

    My goal is getting stronger and stronger truth and using truth as a weapon to achieve justice, forcing the truth out there as strongly as we can so that people are not frozen in fear.

    The town of Newtown Connecticut is what is called a Potemkin Village. It ia fake rosy nicey nicey nice looking upscale community but the fact is that for many years there have been very weird sophisticated takeover of the whole place.

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