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Thread: The Bitcoin Tracking Thread

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    Re: The Bitcoin Tracking Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by RatHoler View Post
    Are there any guests that SGT or Greg Hunter have interviewed that have been correct about precious metals, specifically silver?

    Listen to none of them. I'm tired of hearing about the COMEX default, backwardation, gold/silver ratio, solar panels blah blah blah. Many of us here (including myself) fell for the bullshit story that silver was going to triple digits.

    There is a guy that has been more correct than any of the YouTube stars and he is the most hated analyst in the space. Check out his presentation from a few weeks ago. He thinks gold could go to $2000-$2200 in 5-7 years. He mentions silver at only $25-$30 in that time frame. I bet Christian's predictions will be much closer to reality than any of the silver clowns on SGT or USA Watchdog. Would you rather listen to an (((insider))) or douchebags like Morgan, Holter, Martenson, Kirby, and countless others?
    But wilver will go to da moooon! It’s just in its hundred year dozy. It tends to do that. But when it wakes up! Silver bulls are almost never correct, but when they are... DANG!!!
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    Re: The Bitcoin Tracking Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by GoSi93 View Post
    how much you had paid for each bitcoin
    99+% of everyone in the world has zero or LESS than 1 Bitcoin so I find this particular statement rather amusing as who is needing to find out how much you paid for EACH Bitcoin (as if you have so many you need to keep track of THEM)

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