Wondering who out there is a motorsickle fan? Only messed about with small ones when I was a wee lad but never enough to call myself a rider. Wanted to get a bike from time to time. I thought if SHTF then a trail/cross bike could be a handy mode of transport to have.

Been looking again, but more about ticking something off the bucket list. Seems bucket lists are popular these days. Used to be called a mid life crisis but now its the things to do before kicking the proverbial.

I don't think I'm a candidate for a sport bike. I'm not in much of a hurry these days. A sport tourer maybe. Until this year, new riders have been limitted to 250CC capacity bikes for the first 12 months. This changed in some Aussie states a couple years ago when they increased this to 650CC. I think 250CC is about 15 Cubic Inches and 650cc is about 40.

I didn't want to have to buy 2 bikes just to get to a decent size bike. I think they cottoned on to this and changed it. A lot of mid life people are now getting into bikes for the first time.

I got to looking at cruisers. Obviously you got your harleys. I don't think I'm a harley dude but I do like that style of bike. I was looking at things like the royal enfield which is a small thumper. Kind of nostalgic. I saw the Indians which are very cool but not quite my style.

Then I saw that Honda does a few cruisers which look pretty good. They do a Shadow which looks the business. It's 400CC so well below the limit. Then I saw the Star bikes from yamaha. They have a couple in at 650CC which I like the look of. Good price new. Not many second hand here in WA because they haven't really sold them much before now. Mostly because of the restrictions on new riders which have been lifted.

From reading around, most owners love their V Stars regardless of capacity and age. They seem to be exceptionally reliable and many people put big miles on them. I think this would be the bike for me if I can get it together to buy one.

So, who here rides? What ya got? How much do you love riding it? Do you have one of these V Stars or similar? Are you a cruiser or a rider?