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Thread: [VENDOR] Amagi Metals - convert $$$ or bitcoins to gold and silver!

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    [VENDOR] Amagi Metals - convert $$$ or bitcoins to gold and silver!

    I figured that I should make you all aware of a gold/silver dealer who has not yet been brought up here, but who is very much "up our alley".

    They are called Amagi Metals, and I believe that they are based out of Colorado.

    Their prices are better than Apmex, and they accept bitcoins in addition to common payment methods! I like that you can view prices in bitcoins too, along with other major currencies. So right now, one ounce of silver is going for: ฿0.2920

    Give 'em a try!

    In case you were wondering, here is some background on the name "amagi": from

    Ama-gi is a Sumerian word (written ama-gi4 ₼℄, also ama-ar-gi4) meaning, literally translated, "return to the mother," and used to refer to "The restoration of persons and property to their original status" including the remission of debts.[1] Many libertarian economists consider the symbol to be the first written expression of the concept of liberty.[2]
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    Re: [VENDOR] Amagi Metals - convert $$$ or bitcoins to gold and silver!

    When I went to the big city to visit the throat doctor I found the only place that was selling silver closed, all that was shown at the front was a big CLOSED.

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