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Thread: Kinda sad...

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    Re: Kinda sad...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jewboo View Post

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving buddy!

    maybe go with the CHARDONNAY
    Your so bad... LOL...
    “We have created thousands of jobs for people that maybe wouldn’t have jobs. I suspect that we’ve just created a certain amount of happiness in many houses where instead of going on a welfare line, people have now come home with a nice paycheck. I think in a sense, maybe I was put on earth to help fulfill that function – and I think that’s an important function.” Donald Trump 1980

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    Re: Kinda sad...

    Quote Originally Posted by Hitch View Post
    Never pity a person who's alone, they may enjoy life and live it to the fullest...

    Besides, it just makes those meals with loved ones even better when they don't happen every day.

    truth is chased from many villages

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    Re: Kinda sad...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jewboo View Post


    Food is fuel to the body. I fear you might be getting a bit to comfortable, Book.
    life is good.

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