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Thread: Billing Triage

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    Billing Triage

    Obamacare is designed to prevent you from getting any medical care from MSM--(Mainstream Medicine, aka Allopathy). Seek treatment, and invite poverty. My medical care provider sends me statements telling me how much they charged me, and how much insurance paid. Letely they charge me much more than my co-pay amount for stuff their insurance doesn't cover-a list which I expect to grow exponentially before they and everyone else goes bankrupt. I also expect to see a boom in internet forums that help people do 'self-treatment'. I also expect to hear about a lot of people who die if they are unable to do self treatment successfully.

    How cynical is it that Obamacare is called "The Affordable Medical Care Act"?

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    Re: Billing Triage

    Quote Originally Posted by Hatha Sunahara View Post
    How cynical is it that Obamacare is called "The Affordable Medical Care Act"?

    Not cynical at all. They have given it a name from THEIR perspective.... something they can afford.
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