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Thread: Hollywoodization of Terror, News, Media Fakery, Hoaxes

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    Hollywoodization of Terror, News, Media Fakery, Hoaxes

    Hollywoodization of Terror, Media Fakery, Hoaxes

    Since TPTB seemed to have moved from the traditional false flag to hoaxes with actors, I thought it might be good to start a general thread on this topic. I'm especially interested in people's thoughts on why they are doing so many hoaxes and why they are so sloppy and obvious. Some have suggested that they might be doing this so that we in the alternative media will have certain kinds of arguments (and there certainly have been lots of those). I've also heard it suggested that this may have to do with avoiding lawsuits--somewhere online I saw it posted that there were 17 lawsuits after Columbine, but ZERO after Sandy Hook. I also thought this would be a good place to post on smaller scale hoaxes and some of the methods of media fakery (I'm very new to this, but I get the sense they have some sophisticated ways of tricking us).

    Okay, the video below just goes over the general topic of how much of what is presented on talmudvision and in the newspapers is just manufactured reality. They go over a ton of topics, including fake deaths, use of doubles, War on Rock (murdered rock stars, worth more dead than alive, media lies and says it was suicide/overdose), Dave McGowan Laurel Canyon Info, Boston Bombing Hoax, Sandy Hook Hoax, Woolwich, actors, fake witnesses, fake witnesses on 911, etc.

    The Plane Truth ~ Hollywoodization of Terror/News

    Kenyan Mall Shooting Hoax

    Here's a great (and entertaining write up on the Kenyan Mall Hoax- I'd bring the whole things over here, but I don't know how to bring the photos and those are the key to seeing it's a hoax. Also, this guy actually goes over two other earlier false flags in Kenya. The second was actually kind of interesting b/c I hadn't heard of it before--it involved some sort of Israeli hotel, and actually had its own moment similar to the too-early announcement of building 7 going down on 911 (LOL!!)

    Kenyan Mall Hoax The Camera Man Can (Max Malone reupload please subscribe to Max)

    video description: Published on Sep 22, 2013
    Max Malone is a true leader in the truth movement he is a painful sore in the eyes of the NWO. If you need help with your critical thinking skills Max is the man you want to listen to. It all started with the staged mass shootings, Columbine was their warmup before massive funding increase with the creation of the DHS. Nobody dies or gets hurt in these drills the public is being deceived on a mass scale it's time to wake people. RESISTANCE IS VICTORY

    Woolwich Beheading Hoax

    Here's an entertaining write-up on Woolwich by Peter Eyre. Again, I'd post it all here, but the photos are the key, and I don't know how to bring those over):


    "I am sure many of you have woken up to this amazing Shakespearean play that has unfolded in Woolwich, London where all the actors were so bad they would not even qualify for an interview as an extra in some third rate movie!! " --LOL!!

    Here's another post on Woolwich:

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