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Thread: Kit O' Beer #14 - Cascadian Blonde 2UP

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    Re: Kit O' Beer #14 - Cascadian Blonde 2UP

    I get indentations in my caps to and they re all ok. Ms. BT just said she prefers to see the ring indent as it confirms the cap was installed properly. She is the expert, not me...
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    Re: Kit O' Beer #14 - Cascadian Blonde 2UP

    I don't think I ever gave a review. I drank it all and I can't remember. I think it was ok. I hit the last one yesterday and it had some kind of off taste and smell. Slight funk. Been there a while. I remember I had one brew where there were I did have about 8 or 10 that got a bit of air in them when filling. So every now and then I get an off one. maybe this brew. There's nothing wrong with the recipe and I'd recommend it. shit happens.
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