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Thread: Bitcoin Conference- Rick Falkvinge

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    Lightbulb Bitcoin Conference- Rick Falkvinge

    Its from 2011 but he has some great points.

    It takes 10 years for a disruptive technology from inception, to become so easy to use that it reaches mainline adoption.

    Breakthrough Latencies

    Blogging- 1994-2004 (Started appearing in 1994 and reached mainline adoption in 2004)

    File Sharing- 1989-1999 (Started in 1989 over the net and Napster hit in 1999)

    Net Video- 1995-2005 (Mostly porn sites streaming animated GIFs which was tip of the spear technology at the time, youtube in 2005)

    Cryptocurrency- 2009-2019? ( It might be bitcoin 2 or some other cryptocurrency, but the concept of distributed cryptocurrencies has many advantages that it is likely to succeed)

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    Re: Bitcoin Conference- Rick Falkvinge

    I think cryptos are an idea whose time has come. I think 10 years may be about right, that'll give the world a few more tastes of government ruined economies, and each time an economic crisis occurs, cryptos will get stronger. Remember the wave of adoption that took place when Cypress was under economic martial law?
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