This is another variation on the kegging theme. I looked into making a small 1gallon keg from a low pressure weed sprayer. That design has just enough strength to get the beer carbonated and hold it there for a day or so.

Basically a small party keg. Bits are still in the shed. I had some trouble getting all the oil out of it. Eventually it moved from a house pile to a shed pile.

I also posted about the Keg King or something like that. Where you buy a 2L or 1/2gal growler and hook up a dispenser with the CO2 canisters.

This is another variation on the theme. It uses some food grade plastic jerry can's, they look like some kind of two stroke sized jerry.
$150 USD gets you all the gear for 2 x 2/75Gal kegs.

$150 might be a special price.

You could basically put a whole brew in these two and you are good to go. Maybe $30 - $40 more than 1 x Cornie Keg but you would still need to buy some fittings.

They do an international one @ $187 without the CO2 because of the restrictions, but the price does include shipping.