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Thread: Flat Earthers Won't Go Away

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    Re: Flat Earthers Won't Go Away

    Quote Originally Posted by C.Martel View Post
    My iq is kinda low, it's only 135. So someone smarter can explain it better, critique it. Doesn't the lunar phases disprove that map? When the moon is new, the moon and with the sun and not visible. Ok, so far. When the moon is full, the light from the sun reaches the moon and only produces a half moon because the sun and the moon are not opposite each other as in reality, but just distant, as with the map. The sun would reflect on only half the moon if they are at the same level. The only way for there to be a full moon is for the sun to be small (as compared to the moon) and close to us and for the moon to be large and far. As proven before, the stars are close to us, just beyond the airplanes, on a projector screen, according to this map. The moon would have to be very large and beyond this projector screen. If it is beyond the projector screen and large, wouldn't the moon never set, but just be out there and be seen when there is no light/at night always. Since this is not the case, the moon is also apart of this projector screen, but we are being conned by the projector screen, for it makes it look like the light from the sun creates moonlight, when it is the lousy projector making the light of the moon.
    The moon does not reflect light from the sun.

    Go shine a light on a ball. It reflects at a point, not the whole sphere.

    The moon is a light generator, just like the sun. It's a cool night light. The phases were God's way of giving us months. A built in calendar.
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    Re: Flat Earthers Won't Go Away

    Believe our own eyes!

    truth is chased from many villages

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