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Thread: Endangered Physicians

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    Endangered Physicians

    I believe if I were a physician and lived in this region I would take the threat seriously.

    Yet another doctor was just found murdered inside his home here on the East Coast of Florida. This makes six doctors to be found dead in the last month just from this region of the country alone. Four out of the six were found dead here in Florida. We lost the holistic Dr. Teresa Sievers, MD, who was found murdered in her Florida home just weeks ago. We’ve also lost the alternative Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD, who was found in a river with a gunshot to his chest. He’d recently moved to Georgia from Florida. We’ve also lost the Osteopath. Dr. Riley, who was found in Georgia at her home; just a few hours from the Florida border. She was found with a gunshot wound to her head.

    Now we’ve lost Dr. Schwartz MD, who was found murdered in his home, on Sunday, July 19th, 2015. This was four weeks to the day after the death of the first physician: (Dr. Bradstreet MD) who I broke the story on a month ago. His family is still seeking answers as to what happened to him and they’re some of the kindest people I know. The latest MD, Dr. Schwartz, in the picture above, lived just north of the fit, healthy, holistic Dr. Hedendal; who was the second doctor to be found dead this past Father’s Day, in Boca Raton. This was the same day that Dr. Holt died at the age of 33. Both were fathers; and again, both men died here in Florida on June 21st, 2015.

    From the article on this breaking news of this doctor’s murder:

    Police are investigating, after a doctor was found dead in his Jupiter, FL, home on Sunday. (July 19th)
    According to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, authorities were called to the home of Dr. Ronald Schwartz, 64, in the 9700 block of Mockingbird Trail, to perform a welfare check. Deputies determined through investigation, that Schwartz was the victim of a homicide. No other details were immediately released. Anyone with any information on the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at: 1-800-458-TIPS.

    We have no other details at this time except to say Dr. Schwartz was an MD and gynecologist, who practiced in Jupiter, Florida just a few hours from here. I will continue to report these stories and never intended it to become a series when I first broke the story on Dr Bradstreet one month ago. There are many other doctors who have died around the country in a few strange accidents lately; but I’ve only really been focusing on the ones in this area, which have happened in such a short amount of time. Please call the number above if you have ANY information on this murder. Our hearts goes out to his family, friends, and loved ones. Interestingly, while authorities say they are looking for tips, they’re saying neighbors shouldn’t be concerned. We’ll update you on that as developments continue.

    I’ve been contacted several times now by mainstream news, and I suspect this frequency will increase with the publication of this story. I have declined a few interviews before, but at this point I will do whatever it takes to find the killer, or killers, out there. I also want to find the missing doctors who have both vanished without a trace. If you click on this article about the missing doctors, I’ve included a link that came out today; which states authorities are searching for one of the missing doctors I have mentioned in previous stories. They are being asked by the press, if there are any links. I see one of the missing doctors in my article was featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA today as well.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all of these doctors. I’ve never said the deaths of these doctors aren’t anything beyond a giant coincidence (we never know) yet it always pays to be safe. I’ll be doing the same as well with my better half; one of the better known doctors in the country.
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    Re: Endangered Physicians

    TPTB moved on from bankers now?

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    Re: Endangered Physicians

    Were they doing the right practice?
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    Re: Endangered Physicians

    Medical Monster is making sure you have no other alternative except them.
    Honor The Most High, Keep His Commandments and all will go well with you.

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    Re: Endangered Physicians

    Something about gcmaf production ('good for you') and nagalese ('bad for you')? I have no idea.... https://mothernatureandyou.wordpress...-their-target/
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    Re: Endangered Physicians

    Dr. James Tracy, see comments @ link:

    July 25, 2015
    Is the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Regulatory Cartel Assassinating Physicians? 21

    by James TracyHome, Videos • Tags: pharmaceutical industry, public health

    James Jeffrey Bradstreet, whose body was found floating in a North Carolina river on June 19, had successfully treated over 1,700 autistic children with GcMAF. On June 16 the FDA obtained a search and seizure order targeting his Buford Georgia medical clinic.

    Over the past several weeks no less than seven established doctors have either been killed or died under unusual circumstances (e.g. here and here). What do these physicians have in common and what remedies are they researching or advocating? Do any of their proposed treatments pose a threat to the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical cartel? If so, would government agencies and/or private contractors be commissioned to harass and perhaps even assassinate such individuals?

    The answer may lie in an understanding of nagalese, a protein made by cancer cells and viruses. Nagalese is a primary cause of immunodeficiency given its ability to block the body’s production of GcMAF, otherwise known as “Vitamin D binding microphage activating factor,” a naturally-produced immune regulating compound that aids in fighting what are traditionally considered terminal diseases. Some researchers suggest that nagalese is one of many toxic components found in the immunizations commonly administered to children, including the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine.

    Some independently-minded medical practitioners are beginning to acknowledge not only the nagalese-vaccination link, but also that GcMAF possesses great potential for the treatment of cancer and a variety of other illnesses, including autism, inflammation, and viral and bacterial disease.

    The most prominent of the seven doctors who’ve been murdered or died under suspicious circumstances is James Jeffrey Bradstreet. As the contents of his blog suggest, Dr. Bradstreet has conducted extensive research into the causes of autism. His body was found on June 19 floating in a North Carolina river with a gunshot wound to his chest. Perhaps uncoincidentally, Bradstreet was a strong advocate of GcMAF and had treated over 2,000 autistic children with the substance; 85% exhibited marked improvement under his care.

    Dr. Bradstreet’s private practice in Buford, Georgia centered on “treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, PPD, and related neurological and developmental disorders.” Bradstreet has also provided expert testimony in federal court for families of the vaccine-injured and was founder and president of the International Child Development Resource Center, which once employed autism expert Dr. Andrew Wakefield as its research director.

    Of course, GcMAF is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for any disease. Just three days before Bradstreet’s body was recovered, FDA agents had obtained a court order targeting Bradstreet’s Buford Georgia medical clinic. The document granted the government the right to seize

    All Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) GC Globulin, and/or any other products or component substances thereof that constitute misbranded drugs under the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act.

    Even in death Bradsteet and his GcMAF-related work continue to pose a threat to the medical-pharmaceutical-regulatory complex, as evidenced in their flak-generating public relations arms, “Quackwatch” and “Science Based Medicine,” each of which have published vicious broadsides on the deceased physician.

    Big pharma, which for decades has exerted vigorous control over the regulatory process while presiding over literally millions of deaths via its products, will stop at nothing to hamper medical scientific progress and protect its bottom line. Perhaps this zealous quest for profits and control now even includes outright murder of alternative practitioners.


    FAKE "ELECTIONS" - Why Ron Paul Can't "Win"

    "If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." -- E. Martin Schotz

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    Re: Endangered Physicians

    Funny little "firefox story"-- I called up this thread again to post the V.Eastwood podcast below. But I couldn't recall the thread title... I thought it had 'doctor*' in the title, so I typed 'doc' in the URL field. You know, this thread came up in the firefox suggestions based on my browsing history, despite that 'doc' appears nowhere in the URL or the friendly thread title? Does FF go through pages you visit & harvest frequent keywords, in addition to its remembering character-combos in the URL & page title? Or does it maintain a list of common synonyms like doctor also = physician?

    VE show 8/19:
    Youtube Audio Version (No Ads Or Music)
    yt_audio_19_aug_evelyn_gilbert_rima_laibow_vinny_e astwood_show_2015.mp3
    Download File

    Published on Aug 20, 2015
    Why Holistic Doctors Are Getting Assassinated, Rima Laibow

    Introduced as the “Mistress of the Macabre,” Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation was Vinny’s guest for the second hour. Starting with the recent series of suspicious deaths of alternative doctors and natural health practitioners, Dr. Rima thoroughly explained a possible link to the GcMAF/ nagalase interaction and the further connection with vaccines as well as the recent push to MANDATE vaccinations in several countries as well as in some states in the USA. She offered a strategy — an Advanced Health Directive — we can use to protect our Right to Refuse as set forth by the US Supreme Court.
    Check out her website
    for the full details.

    FAKE "ELECTIONS" - Why Ron Paul Can't "Win"

    "If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." -- E. Martin Schotz

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    Re: Endangered Physicians

    Top MD/ Chief of Surgery’s Body Found in Spokane River in Washington State

    Posted on January 27, 2016 by The Crazz Files in Health // 0 Comments

    By Erin Elizabeth, Founder, Health Nut News

    It is with heavy heartthat I gently break the news of the death of another well known MD. body was pulled from the Spokane river earlier today, Tuesday.

    He was 49 years old.

    Authorities say they are investigating the death as “suspicious.”

    This is not the first death I’ve reported on (since I started reporting on last June (2015) on mysterious doctor deaths (mostly holistic) The very first was the famous Jeffrey Bradstreet MD, who was also found dead in a river this past summer, on June 19th, 2015.

    Like Dr Bradstreet, this doctor also publicly talked about thinking outside the box on his treatments (especially for cancer) which we discuss further down in our piece.

    From the article in mainstream on his death:

    FAKE "ELECTIONS" - Why Ron Paul Can't "Win"

    "If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." -- E. Martin Schotz

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    Re: Endangered Physicians

    I stumbled on this story, from ~6 months ago, totally flew below the radar AFAIK! Where was the trusty GSUS news-aggregator brain trust?!

    29 Holistic Doctors and Practitioners Poisoned During Conference, Some in Critical Condition

    (26) Comments
    11th September 2015
    Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

    “Police suspect foul play after 29 delegates at an alternative medicine seminar in Germany started staggering suffering from violent convulsions, delusions and hallucinations.” ~ The Telegraph

    Over the past several months, a rash of deaths and mysterious disappearances of health practitioners and holistic physicians have taken place in the United States. And now, a new report has come forward where 29 alternative and homeopathic practitioners have suffered poisoning from a synthetically-produced psychedelic drug during a conference in Handeloh, a small town near Hamburg, Germany. Members of the group were found in the garden staggering, doubled over in pain. A number were experiencing hallucinations, breathing problems and life-threatening conditions. Barely able to speak, they were rushed to the hospital.

    “The patients, aged between 24 and 56, were found suffering from delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps, some in life-threatening conditions, according to the public broadcaster NDR… Some were suffering delusions and even psychoses. Some patients were administered sedatives en route to hospital, said the emergency response physician who headed the rescue operation, Dr. Kai Rathjen.” [source]The local government said 160 emergency personnel in 15 ambulances and a helicopter responded to the crisis and swiftly took the patients to medical clinics in the Hamburg region.

    Fire service spokesman Mathias Köhlbrandt told public broadcaster NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk, or Northern German Broadcasting) that he had never experienced this kind of situation. He described “men and women lay with cramps in the garden and in front of the building”, and added that they did not seem to have knowingly taken a drug.

    A criminal investigation is underway. “The questioning begins as soon as the persons are coherent and their statements are useable,” a police official told the news agency DPA.

    According to the The Telegraph:

    “There must have been a multiple overdose,” Torsten Passie, a member of a German government commission on narcotics, told NDR television. “That argues against the people being aware what they were taking.”


    The drug in question is 2C-E (4-ethyl-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine), a psychedelic phenethylamine first noted by chemist Alexander Shulgin in the book “PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story.” Normally administered orally or through a nasal spray, 2C-E is exceptionally dose sensitive — a small increase can trigger negative reactions.

    The drug is also known as Aquarust, which Germany outlawed in 2014.

    According to Drugs-Forum, the effects of 2C-E include:

    • General change in consciousness (as with most psychoactives)
    • Pupil dilation
    • Visual patterning, closed and open eye visuals
    • Confusion, difficulty concentrating, and/or scrambled thoughts
    • Change in perception of time
    • Slight increase in body temperature
    • Slight increase in heart rate
    • Muscle tension and aching
    • Jaw tension
    • Increased perspiration
    • Gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea and vomiting
    • Dizziness, confusion
    • Over-awareness & over-sensitization to music and noise
    • Paranoia, fear
    • Unwanted life-changing spiritual experiences
    • Possible difficulty integrating experiences

    Doctors Under Attack?

    The Handeloh poisoning follows a series of murders, deaths and disappearances this summer of chiropractors, osteopaths and medical doctors, most of whom were practicing holistic medicine. The apparent coincidence of these events has left many asking: Are health practitioners under attack?

    A summary of recent deaths, disappearances and poisonings of health practitioners and holistic physicians.

    • Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a leading autism researcher and physician, was found dead from a gun shot wound to the chest in late June. Dubbed a “no-vax” doctor, Dr. Bradstreet’s death occurred shortly after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency raided his clinic.
    • Two chiropractors, Dr. Baron Holt and Dr. Bruce Hedendal, died a few days later from “unknown causes.” Dr. Holt, 33 and Dr. Hedendal, 67, were both were reportedly healthy, and both were described by their families as very fit. Both men were chiropractors and fathers, and both were found dead on the East Coast of Florida, both on Father’s Day.
    • The following week, on June 29th, Integrative Medicine practitioner Teresa Sievers MD was murdered in her home. Says Sheriff Mike Scott who is leading the investigation into her homocide, “Based on the evidence we have to this point… [Sievers’ murder] is not a random, arbitrary situation.”
    • The same day, Jeffrey Whiteside MD vanished without a trace. Dr. Whiteside was a pulmonologist known for his successful treatment of lung cancer, who reportedly vanishing while vacationing with family in Wisconsin. On July 23rd, authorities found the body of Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside, who at that stage had been missing for over three weeks. The sheriff’s department said that a .22-caliber handgun was found at the scene, however authorities did not release the cause of death following the autopsy.
    • Four days later, Patrick Fitzpatrick MD also disappeared while travelling from North Dakota to neighboring Montana. His truck and trailer were found on the roadside, however authorities have found no trace of Dr. Fitzpatrick.
    • One week later, Dr. Lisa Riley, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, was found in her home with a gunshot to the head. Authorities have charged Dr. Riley’s husband Yathomas Riley, who reported her death to police, with her murder.
    • Dr. Ron Schwartz, an MD and gynecologist who practiced in Jupiter, Florida, was murdered on July 19th. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Teri Barbera said Schwartz’s death is considered a homicide, and added that the rumor that Schwartz had millions of dollars in his home is not true. Authorities have no firm leads.
    • Two days afterwards, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a renowned holistic medical doctor who specialized in holistic cancer treatment, died suddenly — even though he was in excellent health. Dr. Gonzalez was the author of What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, in which he described a concerted effort by the cancer industry to suppress evidence of available, low-cost cancer treatments.
    • In late July, holistic dentist Dr. Hakeem Abdul-Karim died in North Carolina — where our first Doctor Bradstreet was also found dead on June 19th, just over one month earlier. Although he was in top physical shape, Dr. Abdul-Karim reportedly died suddenly at 41 while training for a half marathon before a passerby found him dead on the side of the road. With extensive training in dental surgery and a focus on “preventative dentistry”, Dr. Abdul-Karim founded a non-profit foundation 2 years ago to treat severely disadvantaged children and mentally ill patients.
    • On August 3rd, the “sudden, non-medical death” of Jef Harvey was announced by his colleagues. Harvey was a technologist and healing arts practitioner, homeopathy practitioner and Board Certified in Quorom Nutrition, who until his death was working to deploy emerging technologies in autoimmune disease reversal and accelerated deep tissue wound healing. A 6 year veteran in Naval Intelligence (Electronics Unit), Harvey’s background included advanced software systems as well as military training in remote viewing and neurolinguistic programmming (NLP). He was a vocal advocate for transparency and disclosure on every level, including disclosure of the military-industrial–intelligence complex, ET’s, and the release to the world of the long suppressed technology. (An official cause of Harvey’s death is currently unknown.)
    • Dr. Mary Rene Bovier, an osteopathic physician specializing in behavioral and healthcare counseling, was murdered in her home mid-August. Dr. Bovier, 65, was found stabbed to death in her home in Pennsylvania, in a scene that authorities report to be indicative of homicide.

    Except for the poisoning in Germany, all deaths and disappearances took place in eastern U.S. states, with many in the south.Further details can be found here.
    The people behind, David and Barbara Mikkelson

    Editor’s note: The two couch potatoes at, who have “no formal background or experience in investigative research”, are claiming to have debunked this story, stating (among other things) that the victims of this poisoning were not holistic doctors.

    However, in consultation with German and English speaking media in Germany, Erin from Health Nut News has confirmed the credentials of the victims of this poisoning and the details reported above. Snopes apparently didn’t try very hard to gather the facts they claim to represent.

    Article sources

    About the author:
    Carolanne enthusiastically believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. As a nutritionist, natural foods chef and wellness coach, Carolanne has encouraged others to embrace a healthy lifestyle of organic living, gratefulness and joyful orientation for over 13 years

    Through her website she looks forward to connecting with other like-minded people from around the world who share a similar vision. Follow Carolanne on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

    FAKE "ELECTIONS" - Why Ron Paul Can't "Win"

    "If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." -- E. Martin Schotz

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    Re: Endangered Physicians

    I'm pretty sure this one came through. Certainly I remember it. I wonder how many have died now? From Liver cancer/disease most likely.
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