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Thread: Woodpile Report...keeps getting better and better

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    Re: Woodpile Report...keeps getting better and better

    Wisdom in one breath:
    From Taki at Taki's Magazine, about "reparations"
    There is no such thing as a collective inherited crime.

    From Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish
    When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.

    From CH at Chateau Heartiste
    The fact that the American public was dead-set against open borders for decades, but got open borders anyway, is proof that we are ruled by a malevolent elite and avaricious oligarchy.

    From James Dakin at Bison Prepper
    In a system collapse, your vote cannot matter. The system is saving itself. It isn’t leaving anyone alone.

    From Brett Stevens at Amerika
    Democracy fails because people can vote for free stuff paid for by other people, but even more, they can vote for personal wants that create costs which are then absorbed by all of society.

    From S.K. at SurvivalBlog
    Jefferson’s America, in terms of communications and travel, had more in common with Ancient Greece than it did Lincoln’s America.

    From Charles Smith at Of Two Minds
    What really happens when marginal rates go up to 70%. Do the rich pay more tax? No. Instead the world becomes infested with tax shelters and other avoidance schemes, which produce tremendous waste.

    From Vox Day
    Civilization absolutely depends on long term time preferences, on men planting trees in the shade of which they will never sit.

    From Joe at Eaton Rapids Joe
    One of the major factors resulting in people of European ancestry being able to wrestle the Western Hemisphere from the native peoples was that Europeans grasped the concept of a "campaign" while the native peoples were focused on the "battle".
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