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Thread: Jews, the children of Satan

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    Re: Jews, the children of Satan

    Quote Originally Posted by Tumbleweed View Post
    Rossette and Mikko have done another video and this time it's on Jews and Muslims. Dancing Jews and Muslims at the end.

    "Ten Reasons Why Judaism and Islam are the Same Seed"

    a link here to the same video on Bitchute if the Jews block this one on youtube
    But but, the Jews are just like Christians?
    We are told we are a Judeo-Christian country due to perceived parallels, commonalities and shared values between the two religions...except Jews (which are really part schvartze), worship a different God, don't believe in Jesus, celebrate completely different holidays/traditions, they vote liberal Democrat, promote homosexuality/perversion, promote race mixing of whites/white genocide, globalism and are for infanticide. Other then that, they're just like Christians?
    You can forget about making America great again, it ain't gonna happen.

    The NWO is here, and you all stood in line for it!

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    Re: Jews, the children of Satan

    William Finck and Don Fox did a four part series on the prophecies of revelation. Part four they connect the "End Times" to the present and to what is happening in the world today. Collectively the Jews are Satan. The "white nations" are "the Camp of the Saints" and jews are flooding them with the armies of Satan. The battle of Gog and MaGog is beginning and the camp of the Saints is being surrounded. The armies of Satan are gathering to fight against the true Israelites but they will be destroyed in the end.

    It's hard to listen to this podcast part four at christogenea so I downloaded it to my computer and it's much better there. It's long but I think it's very good and gives a lot of insight into what is happening and what the end will be according to bible prophecy.

    We are all travelers through this world
    Birth till Death
    We travel between the Eternities. Robert Duval as Print Ritter "The Broken Trail"

    Just incase anybodys wonderin my ancestors were mostly Irish and I'm catholic

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