I watched a promo video for a Binary Options trading platform today and it really lit a fire in me to start looking at Binary Options. The website video was what I assumed to be a spam page but I am open minded and I wanted to hear what they had to say.
Without trying to promote this particular site, but just so any experienced GSUSer can comment and offer opinions/guidance, the video was linked to this page: thegaw.net

So this video promoted an app called the guardian angels wing app. It boasted automated trading that was limited by whatever limits you set yourself. Basically it was claiming that you need no prior knowledge or experience to get started making money right away. They use Opteck as a broker. I could get started with an investment of $250. I've spent more than that on worthless things...

I was pretty close to jumping in on this, but I couldn't find any real testamonials from people who have not only built up profits, but also were able to liquidate the cash out. All my googling on Binary Options reminded me that I meant to look at ForEx and try to learn about that. Ends up they are the same thing, from what I understand.

Anyways I came here to see if any of you have experiencce trading Binary Options and/or ForEx, and if you could offer me advice. I was very close to dropping the $250 to get started but wanted to check here first.

I have installed an app called IQ Option and I am just tinking with that right now, going through the tutorial etc.

Anyways, just looking for some advice. Thanks to all.